The Museum Hotel

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The Turkish winter, such as it was, had passed; and spring had arrived in Istanbul, along with the sumptuous displays of the annual tulip festival.  Having spent seven months in Turkey, vigorously exploring its biggest city yet never venturing beyond, I had started to feel an urge to explore other parts of this vast and... Read more »

Istanbul Helicopter Tours

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The last time I was in a helicopter was over the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska; filming a vast expanse of untouched landscape out of the open chopper doors.  I mused on the stark contrast between that flight mission and today’s as I rode my motorbike through the beginnings of Istanbul’s vast industrial outskirts towards the... Read more »

Dublin Bus Company

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If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in Dublin, I recommend you travel using the Dublin Bus Company green hop-on, hop-off tour. For €19 per adult ticket, you have two day access to a service that travels between some of the most interesting and famous locations in Dublin, including St Patrick's cathedral, Dublin Castle... Read more »

The Really Green Holiday Company

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It was with eager anticipation of some serious riding that I eased open the throttle past Southampton, gearing up for an exploration of a previously (for this rider at least) undiscovered isle.  A long weekend’s biking holiday was beginning and the Isle of Wight was the elected destination.  I was to experience glamping for the... Read more »

Whatley Manor

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Living in the Kent countryside, I often choose to spend my trips away surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a large city, be it London, Paris or Bangkok. When I do travel to somewhere more remote, I want it to be as different as possible from the UK, otherwise I end up feeling that... Read more »

Enoteca Pinchiorri Florence

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There are restaurants in the world that one dreams of having the opportunity to visit some day; from Noma to Arzak, some restaurants are mythical places that us mere mortals will never get to experience. Upon organizing our trip to Italy, there was one restaurant that was top of that list, the Italian gastronomic equivalent of the Ceryneian Golden Hind, Michelangelo’s... Read more »

MacWet gloves

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I have played quite a bit of golf in my life and I remember vividly the white leather golf glove that I wore. I remember it being slightly restricting, especially if you had played on a rainy day and the leather had just dried up, getting all stiff and uncomfortable. Just in general, I remember feeling as though I... Read more »

The Velma Celli Show

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The London Hippodrome Casino is the new place to go to see some great cabarets and musical stars in a more intimate environment. Having seen Stephen Rahman Hughes and Scott Alan there, I was looking forward to another visit. This time it was for something different, Velma Celli – a drag act with humour, dance,... Read more »