LBD – The Little Black Dress

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I plan my outfit for the next day in the evening before, if not I know I would stand there in the morning with way to many things to juggle, getting my winged eyeliner even, have my morning coffee and struggle to make sense of my hair. There just isn’t enough time to think up... Read more »

Hotel Jagdhof

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I always enjoy flying into Innsbruck in the heart of the Tyrol, the descent is spectacular with the plane slowly descending into the valley, the mountains looming tall on both sides close enough to feel like you are just sitting in a cable car! Then there is the airport, fast and efficient, we were through... Read more »

Hotel Le Maquis

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I descended the stairs under the twilight of the moonlit stars and the warm mist of the salty Mediterranean Sea air.  I was in Corsica, a tiny magical island overlooking the Gulf of Ajaccio, facing the Sanguinary Islands – a quick hop away from Nice, France. It was close to midnight when I took my... Read more »