Can Domingo

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We were at the end of our trip around Ibiza and due to leave the island very late that night sadly, but just as we were thinking that we had experienced some of the best cuisine that Ibiza has to offer we discovered Can Domingo! Our Chauffeur took us off the main road down a... Read more »

Green Lamb Sportswear

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With my new found fondness for fitness, especially spin, I went in search of the perfect gym wear. As us girls know looking ones best at the gym is that ungettable get, what with tight fitting lycra and usually lurid tones of pink in sportswear plus the added sweat, blood and tears combo looking your... Read more »

Raw Healthy Chocolate

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This has to have been one of the the most decadent reviews of my life to date. I had the very important and oh so very difficult task of reviewing healthy raw chocolates available in the UK. I must have done something very good in my previous life to be blessed with this review. So... Read more »

The Rib Room

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We started the evening in the way all good evenings should start; at the bar. Apart from reviewing the cuisine at a restaurant, one ought to do the decent thing and take part in some of the cocktails too, especially when the bar is as inviting as this one! So that is where it began,... Read more »

The Arch London

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Having travelled from Somerset to London I arrived at The Arch still slightly wishing I were still in the September sunshine of the West Country; however, it didn’t take long for The Arch to convince me that it was good to be back in London! Located on a quiet residential street, the hotel is a... Read more »