Michael Ball & Alfie Boe: ‘Together’

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In a packed London Palladium two leading men of the West End Stage and Broadway came “Together” to put on an immaculately staged revue to showcase their album that has reached number 2 in the charts: “Together”…..Michael Ball and Alfie Boe. Having first met 10 years ago, performing together in 'Kismet' at the London Coliseum,... Read more »

The Alpina Gstaad

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We just skirted the centre of town and made the small climb up towards our destination, once we turned off the main road the excitement began. We entered a tunnel like no other which might have been some kind of dimensional portal because we seemed to enter the lair of the type that most Bond... Read more »

Bulgari St Moritz

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Bulgari (or BVLGARI) is synonymous with luxury jewellery and accessories, the world over people covert their unique designs and colourful creations, but not everyone knows the extraordinary personal story of the man who started it all, Sotirio Bulgari. Sotirio Bulgari was born in 1857 in the Epirus Mountains, through which flows the Acheron (source of... Read more »

CottoCrudo Prague

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The Four Seasons never fails to impress, and the stunning river-side rendition in Prague sets a new high standard for the luxury hotel sector. The venue, marked by an iconic Bohemian exterior, stands poised by the Vltava river in the heart of Prague’s old town centre. Named Cotto Crudo, Prague’s most iconic restaurant offers a... Read more »

Chelseé Lewis at Nicky Clarke London

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Having heard many things about the age defying CACI facial, much loved by celebs the world over including Jennifer Lopez, I got the opportunity to try it for myself with Chelseé Lewis at Nicky Clarke London. On a grey rainy London day I Uber’d myself to the swanky Mayfair salon, which is a stones throw... Read more »

Ski Cool of St. Moritz

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When visiting a mountain resort it is always good to have someone on the ground who knows the resort like the back of their hand and who is well connected. For St. Mortiz that someone is actually a company called Ski Cool Stmoritz. On the face of it, you would think that Ski Cool is... Read more »

El Palauet Living Barcelona

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In fairytales, princesses live in palaces. These beautiful, jewel-bedecked palaces contain all the precious dainties that a young lady might desire and shield their delicate minds from mundane and worldly experiences. Princesses are often forbidden to leave the grounds of said palaces and must wait to be rescued by their prince, while any hint of... Read more »

Das Central Solden

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The direct flights to Innsbruck from London were not running yet, but as eager as we were we opted for a flight to Munich to hire a car to venture off into the mountains. We made it up to Solden in one piece and located Das Central just off the main drag through the centre... Read more »