Conservatorium Hotel

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The neo-gothic Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam is a visually architectural feast. With giant industrial beams, elongated hanging steel light fixtures, pieces of modern art, books and sculptures, brickwork towers lining the floor to ceiling ginormous windows which encircle the roof, the Conservatorium is simply gobsmackingly gorgeous. Just off of Museum Square, we walked in to... Read more »

Restaurant AOC

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Not far from the shores of Copenhagen, situated in the vaulted 17th century cellars of Moltkes Palace, lies the two Michelin star restaurant AOC, the most exciting addition to the clan of fine dining institutions that grace the city. Akin to the world-famous Noma and Geranium in quality, but unique and distinct with its own... Read more »

Holzhotel Forsthofalm

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Nervous is not even the start of it. Having torn my ACL in Austria the previous year while skiing the daunting idea of going back to Austria pre reconstructive surgery to ski filled me with doubt. Would I remember how to ski? Would I even want to go on to the snow? What if I... Read more »

Sun Valley

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An oasis in the mountainous desert of Idaho, Sun Valley and downtown Ketchum offer up a luxury lifestyle in a rugged landscape. It is the adult’s playground. Mountain biking, fishing, hiking and skiing reign in the outdoors while a sophisticated eating and drinking scene complete this ideal destination. Sun Valley Resort is one of America’s... Read more »


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When it comes to mobile phones many companies have gone above and beyond to create works of art. I have been a Apple iPhone user since iPhone 3 and have always admired the design, but there is a downside, the phones are fragile and as such require protective screens and cases to keep them in... Read more »

Smetana Hotel

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Prague is such a city of history, culture, and art, that, though one can feel they know its terrain very well, it continues to surprise and delight with its hidden gems on every visit. Smetana Hotel is one of these well-kept treasures, residing quietly for centuries as an unassuming Baroque Palace steeped in history off... Read more »

Ecco St.Moritz

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Cheeky and I pulled up outside the Giardino Mountain hotel in St. Moritz where we were to have our dining experience that evening. We entered the 5 star hotel to made our way down stairs where we were shown into a small underground room where Ecco St. Moritz is based from around mid December through... Read more »

Cobblers Cove

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The journey taken from touching down in Barbados, driving through the colourful Bridgetown, up the Platinum Coast, known for its picture-perfect beaches of white sand fronting the azure Caribbean Sea, to reach Cobblers Cove makes you able to appreciate its best feature - the peace and privacy of the hotel. Located in the parish of... Read more »