11 Mirrors Design Hotel

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Curiosity, optimism, passion, courage, creativity, independence, sense of humour, reliability, generosity, confidence and harmony are the 11 qualities that make up a successful individual. At least, in the eyes of the two men behind the 11 Mirrors Hotel, boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko and successful real estate developer Ruslan Oleksenko. These two successful professionals created this hotel... Read more »

The Vaults

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I assumed I was entering into a night of debauchery and indulgence in the raw, private setting of The Vaults. But I came out reflective and empowered, more than I had expected for this night out. It’s a conceptual art and performance over a supper club. I arrived at The Vaults for An Evening of... Read more »

The Chapel Hairdressers Tunbridge Wells

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The Chapel Hairdressers I firmly believe that a good connection with your hairdresser is crucial for a happy existence. If you try to express how you want to look, they need to be able to understand you. If you aren’t sure how you want to look, they need to understand you so well that they can work it... Read more »

The Gainsborough Bath Spa

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Based in the historic spa town of Bath; The Gainsborough Hotel & Spa opened three years ago in July. It is a former, Hospital, an admiral Head quarters in World War II and most recently an art college. Occupying a classical central building from the 1820s, the 99 bedroom hotel (three of the rooms actually... Read more »

Radley Luggage

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Being a connoisseur of Radley products for many years, knowing their quality and excellent styles and attention to detail, I was honoured to use the Radley Vintage Dog Dot cabin case on a recent vacation. My love affair began after spotting the Balloon picture bag in a shop window in London many years ago and... Read more »

Åre Sweden

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I am not one for extreme cold. Not until I learnt to ski could I appreciate the winter wonderlands of the Alps and beyond; and now grounded thanks to a skiing accident, the idea of going to Scandinavia’s major highland resort of Åre without being able to ski was a daunting one. The Beast from... Read more »

DPS ‘Phantom’

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Things are coming to a close for the ski season of 2017-18 in the northern hemisphere, with only a hand full of ski resorts still open and ski touring taking place here and there across the mountains. For many owners of skis, snowboards and rental shops it is time to coat the bases of the... Read more »

Ginza Onodera London

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Walking into Ginza Onodera made me realise there’s been a whole sub-genre of restaurants that I have: a) only just realised is a sub-genre of restaurants; and b) studiously avoided for years - Japanese restaurants with oddly forbidding, darkened glass frontages. Seriously, walk around the more chi chi parts of the capital and you’ll spot... Read more »