We have been saying it for years: luxury is about the experience, not the price tag! The Bespoke Black Book is the indispensable guide to the luxury lifestyle, featuring informative reviews about subjects as wide ranging as food, travel, fashion, culture and beauty.

As an online magazine, optimised for mobile devices, you can take The Bespoke Black Book with you anywhere as your guide-on-the-go to a world of luxurious purchases and pursuits. Our international team of over thirty contributing writers, many experts in their fields, review and report on high-end products and services across the globe, providing you with high-quality content and hand-picked, personal recommendations. Our sleek new look also includes The Bespoke White Book, an exclusive collection of articles about all the best destinations, experiences and equipment for winter.


Eluxe Magazine is the world’s first ever sustainable luxury magazine. Featuring organic beauty, ethical fashion and eco-luxury living.

Eluxe has become a trusted authority for conscious consumers since its launch in 2013. Edited by Chere Di Boscio, Eluxe Magazine prints quarterly and updates online daily. Realising sustainable products are still not readily available in most shops, the magazine also offers an associated eco-shop, Eluxe Exclusives, where readers can purchase organic beauty products and eco-friendly fashion. Eluxe Magazine honours the best brands in sustainable luxury annually with its coveted Eluxe Award.