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Growing up as an Italian-American in Brooklyn, New York, Sunday dinners were a staple in our home. On any given Sunday, you could walk into an apartment filled with the familiar aroma of hot, bubbling sauce (or gravy, as we called it; an ongoing debate between Italian-Americans descended from various regions of Italy), the sound... Read more »

Maggie’s Nightclub

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What do you get when you combine the most quintessential 80's music, fishbowl drinks the size of yours (or Margaret Thatcher's) head, roller skating dancers, and giant tables that look like Rubik's cubes? The most vivacious and unique club in all of London, of course! Tucked away on Fulham Road, I never suspected the sheer... Read more »


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Tucked away inside the Chelsea Cloisters, a luxury apartment complex with gleaming white walls and glossy marble floors, Bart’s is truly a hidden gem that is a surprising juxtaposition to the building within which it's nestled. Having arrived in London that morning, fresh off the red eye from New York, I knew there was only one... Read more »

Spa at Four Seasons New York

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Nestled deep below the hustle and bustle of 57th street, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel is a true urban retreat. With plush, nude walls and carpet, and candlelit rooms, you’ll feel miles away from the busy streets of New York City while unwinding in this luxurious hideaway. I was lucky enough to enjoy the... Read more »

Flûte Midtown

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Drenched in velvety crimson couches and studded with eclectic artwork, Flûte Midtown is the perfect sparkling hideaway for those who want to slip out after work for and indulge in a glass – or bottle – of bubbly.  From the outside, you’ll barely notice the staircase that leads to this underground Champagne supernova. Nestled in... Read more »