Farol Hotel

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I am a big fan of lighthouses. They set an idyllic seaside scene, while offering unconditional light in the darkness to guide those navigating rocky waters to safety. Setting a good example to us all! So, may I guide you to a 5 star refuge for the most discerning of sailors on the waters of life:... Read more »

Browhaus and Ministy of Waxing

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The one product most women will not leave the house without is mascara. Eye-opening and defining, mascara brings out our inner Bambi. It is also the first thing that goes from pretty to panda at the mere whiff of water. Making it less than ideal on holiday/if you like to get your sweat on/if you... Read more »

Pikes Hotel

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The dictionary definition of Kitsch is - ‘a style of design using popular or cultural icons with aesthetics that favour exaggerated sentimentality. Kitsch is also related to the concept of camp, because of its humorous and ironic nature.’ This could also be the definition of Pikes Hotel, an ochre-coloured finca that has been an Ibizan... Read more »


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Celebrating women's empowerment month, new award winning restaurant, M Victoria Street launches a two week Pop-Up restaurant launch with 100% of the profits being donated to Not For Sale, a global organisation working to end human trafficking. BBB was invited to the preview gala night to find out more... Entering via M Wine Store, a... Read more »

SNOZONE Milton Keynes

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A couple of years ago I went skiing for the first time since I was at school, and it was not until after I was taken to the top of a red run, that our instructor and I realised I was in way over my head. With only one way down. Luckily I survived to... Read more »

Chicheley Hall

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Milton Keynes. Not typically considered a destination for a romantic mini break. Yet just 15 minutes by car from Milton Keynes Central station, you will find Chicheley Hall. Which is just that. Running as a hotel for the last 5 years, this A Grade I listed mansion, is regarded as one of the finest examples... Read more »


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As a wannabe vegan (who’s more realistically a flexitarian) with a weakness for good tuna ceviche - when I do indulge my pescartarain tastes, I try to ensure it’s sustainably sourced. I mean, I can’t even bring myself to watch ‘Blue Planet’, I’m so devastated by how we’ve plundered our precious ocean. So when I... Read more »