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Olivier award winning James Graham was lauded last year for having two plays (Ink and Labour of Love) running side-by-side in the West End. Now he's back at the Noel Coward Theatre with a transfer piece from Chichester, creating a terrific buzz with this exuberantly entertaining and thought-provoking interactive piece: Quiz. Here in Quiz Graham re-examines the... Read more »

Åre Sweden

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I am not one for extreme cold. Not until I learnt to ski could I appreciate the winter wonderlands of the Alps and beyond; and now grounded thanks to a skiing accident, the idea of going to Scandinavia’s major highland resort of Åre without being able to ski was a daunting one. The Beast from... Read more »

Interview with Georgios Tzenichristos

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After my Meso-CRF® Body treatment I chatted with Georgios Tzenichristos of Lipotherapeia about his expertise, the therapies and trends within the cosmetic surgery industry: 1. What made you want to train in skin and body therapies? It is not something that I pursued specifically, it just happened. I used to work as a nutritionist and... Read more »


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Based in the Chelsea Private Clinic you will find LipoTherapeia, the only aesthetic practice in London dedicated 100% to skin tightening and cellulite. Their exclusive Meso-CRF® Body procedure combines advanced skin tightening and cellulite technology, which uses the strongest SAFE radiofrequency available anywhere in London, with high purity natural active ingredients, from the most concentrated... Read more »


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After being converted several years ago to a spin addict by my NYC sister Cara, I have enjoyed many years in London making spin part of my everyday life. I found that it not only was good for my body but also my mental health and went on to have some of my biggest breakthroughs... Read more »

Aurum Jewellery

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When it comes to jewellery and accessories I like the unusual. Jewellery is an extension of ones personality and I personally like statement pieces that are unique and different. I came across Icelandic brand Aurum and was instantly enthralled by their story and the collections. Aurum was founded in 1999 by Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir, a... Read more »

The Clean Ribbon Alliance Launches

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ELUXE MAGAZINE announces the launch of the charity, The Clean Ribbon. With the support of sustainable brands such as Reve en Vert, LUXE Botanics, virtue + vice, FROM Clothing and PRITI NYC, 1% of all profits from partnering brands will be donated to support research and education into the potential relationship of everyday chemicals commonly... Read more »