Boisdale Canary Wharf

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There is so much happening in the London food scene that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Every few months there’s a new trend or restaurant style that borders on heresy to miss. If it’s not Nikkei (South American and Asian Fusion), Tapas, Burgers, Street Feast, Kingly Court, a pop-up, something to do with Jason... Read more »

STK London

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The summer months usually have one rather tasty attribute – new restaurant openings. Though London delivers a constant flow of new restaurants throughout the year, the summer is where it really starts to explode. This summer, however, the limelight was stolen by what has proven to be one of the most popular things to do... Read more »


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There’s no place like home is a sentiment that stretches far beyond the confides of one’s abode. The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy wished to return to Kansas - not the little farm-shack she lived in. It’s the unrivalled familiarity and tranquillity of the street, town or even city in which you lay your hat. For... Read more »

Chotto Matte

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Soho might just be the best area in London for lunch. Though Soho is bursting to the seams with late night eateries, the unparalleled volume of surrounding offices and hungry-trendy-media folk has encouraged some of these venues to open their doors earlier and provide tasty treats for the lunchtime rush. Given the variety of companies... Read more »

Archer Street

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Person A: “ljnvs fdsvnu sofdvf sdsfadv!!!!???” Person B: “WHHAAATTT??” Person A gestures towards the smoking area and after a 15 minute wait in the smoking queue, find themselves outside. Person B: “I couldn’t hear you In there!!” Person A: “I was just asking if you’d seen Person C anywhere?” Person B: “Haven’t seen him in... Read more »

Slabs London

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Marylebone is one of London’s unsung heroes. The fact that I place it as my favourite area to eat in London will not hugely surprise those that have experienced its many brilliant offerings. Patty&Bun, MEATliquor and Tommi’s provide much relief to any burger cravings I may experience, Zoilo still remains my all time favourite restaurant... Read more »

Hakkasan Hanway Place

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In all corners of civilised society, there is an unstoppable force that changes perspectives, habits and interests – the trend. Whether it’s fashion, music or food, today’s pleasure is tomorrow’s poison. Kangol hats were the height of fashion in the 90s but now only appear on Samuel L Jackson; the identity parade on TV’s ‘Never... Read more »

Moti Mahal

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Restaurants in Theatreland fight a constant battle against show times disrupting the naturally evolving evening. On top of this, the weekends are plagued by day-trippers looking for a quick bite to eat before filling the stiletto-stabbed floors of central London clubs. Though this fast paced environment is great if you’re involved, the huge fluctuations in... Read more »