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When I first took a look at AiNSEL it was not what I expected; their website was filled with emojis and honest fun, tongue in cheek wording, real photos of people and even Barbie? AiNSEL was launched by a group of millennial girls with a strong focus in their believe of self love, individuality, and... Read more »


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Cellulite, orange peel skin or whatever name you have for it is a common struggle and for myself something that bothered me more after seeing media hypes over celebrities with a small amount. I have for years tried dry brushing to aid circulation but have never seen any results really. So I was then introduced... Read more »

Natural Spa Factory

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The quest for a youthful appearance never ends and I for one are open to try anything. As mentioned before, I feel safer with milder products, especially for your face, as your skin is so thin and sensitive and under your eyes even more so, so you do not want to bombard it with heavy-duty... Read more »


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Fragrance is such a personal journey, it is something that defines you just as powerfully as your personal style; they definitely go hand in hand. I also think you very much mature into your chosen scent and personally I started out very light and citrusy in my younger years only to now find myself as... Read more »

Sun.Day of London

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I love a good scented candle and one in every room please! So when I received a natural and organic botanical candle from Sun.Day, well I lit it instantly of course. It has a subtle scent that travels beautifully throughout the room without being overpowering but still enough to linger for a while. I received... Read more »


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You know that time of year where your winter coat is too hot but your transitional autumn jacket is too cold? I have this issue every single year, I swear, and it does not help that the weather here in the UK is completely confusing in that we can literally have all seasons in a... Read more »

Tabitha James Kraan Organic Haircare

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So we are back to my never ending hair story (or nightmare sometimes), I have had recently the pleasure to try out some amazing products by Tabitha James Kraan. Organic is the word and for my hair this seems to be the best thing. In this world of products it is always hard to know... Read more »

London Fashion Week SS18

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I was so excited to have wandered amongst all of the amazing fashionistas and fashion savvy people and to feel the high and the buzz of London at it’s finest, I am of course talking about London Fashion Week. I had the pleasure to see some beautiful shows and exhibitions with inspirations from all over... Read more »