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You know that time of year where your winter coat is too hot but your transitional autumn jacket is too cold? I have this issue every single year, I swear, and it does not help that the weather here in the UK is completely confusing in that we can literally have all seasons in a... Read more »

Tabitha James Kraan Organic Haircare

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So we are back to my never ending hair story (or nightmare sometimes), I have had recently the pleasure to try out some amazing products by Tabitha James Kraan. Organic is the word and for my hair this seems to be the best thing. In this world of products it is always hard to know... Read more »

London Fashion Week SS18

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I was so excited to have wandered amongst all of the amazing fashionistas and fashion savvy people and to feel the high and the buzz of London at it’s finest, I am of course talking about London Fashion Week. I had the pleasure to see some beautiful shows and exhibitions with inspirations from all over... Read more »

AEOS Skincare

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This article took me a while, not because I did not know what to write, but because I was given this amazing box filled with AEOS products and it took me a while to properly try them out. At first glance I felt slightly overwhelmed thinking “How do I even have enough face to put... Read more »


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What an amazing journey! Since I can remember I have always been very into keeping in moderate shape, luckily for me, and I had to think about how to word that, I have to do physiotherapy for an injury so I am forced to go to gyms or do home workouts. But I have always... Read more »

Bianca Elgar

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A scarf is probably one of the best accessories to add to any outfit, it’s easy to wear and easy to transform. The classic idea of course is just to simply tie it around your neck or let it nonchalantly drape your coat or jacket lapel, it it really completes an outfit. I received a... Read more »


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For the first time in many years I have been looking forward to colder weather, and the reason isn’t that I like the cold, oh my goodness no! I am from the northern parts of Sweden and have seen my fair share of cold winters, the reason I was so excited was because of the... Read more »

Winter Makeup Round-up

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I have touched on my skills or lack thereof when it comes to Make Up and that entire world of products. So every helpful push in the right direction is welcomed. So they say to start with the basics, foundations, BB Creams, CC Creams, Mineral foundations I already feel confused. And not only do you... Read more »