Triumph Bonneville Bobber

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First came the new Mini, then the Volkswagen Beetle, and latterly the Fiat 500, all thoroughly modern cars dressed up to look like classics of the past. And this trend is in no way limited to four-wheelers: here we have the Triumph Bonneville Bobber, a new addition to the venerable Bonneville range, delivering cutting-edge bike... Read more »


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You only have to step off the plane in Bodrum to realise, Wizard of Oz style, that you aren’t in Istanbul any more. Bodrum Milas airstrip is surrounded on all sides by hills and plains, an arid-looking yet fertile landscape of dust, rocks and trees. We were greeted politely but warmly by our driver, who ushered us... Read more »

Istanbul Helicopter Tours

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The last time I was in a helicopter was over the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska; filming a vast expanse of untouched landscape out of the open chopper doors.  I mused on the stark contrast between that flight mission and today’s as I rode my motorbike through the beginnings of Istanbul’s vast industrial outskirts towards the... Read more »

The Really Green Holiday Company

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It was with eager anticipation of some serious riding that I eased open the throttle past Southampton, gearing up for an exploration of a previously (for this rider at least) undiscovered isle.  A long weekend’s biking holiday was beginning and the Isle of Wight was the elected destination.  I was to experience glamping for the... Read more »