Lady Charlotte
Global Editor-in-Chief

Lady Charlotte was born into a world of luxury; brought up in the treasure troves of the National Gallery she later went on to work for some of the most prestigious luxury houses in the world including LVMH and Christies. A self-confessed Francophile, her signature tipple being champagne, she is rarely seen without a glass (or bottle). As an international Lady of mystery she jets from continent to continent sipping cocktails and, Louis in tow, refuses to travel anything but 1st Class. Lady Charlotte is also Founder of luxury boutique PR consultancies LadyCPR and MrCPR.

International Managing Editor

As a child, Rachel Blackmore began a lifelong love affair with words; she has been known to eat several whole ones after wine-fuelled debate. She has an MA in Critical and Creative Writing and is slowly producing a collection of short fiction. With Dutch, Irish and Indonesian heritage, she finds it difficult to stay put and loves travelling to new destinations. She will try anything once and loves unusual food.

International Managing Editor

Emily has been involved in the media industry for well over 10 years from working on film sets to journalism and PR. Emily is a strategic, energetic Editor who has been with Bespoke since the start heading up the Culture department. Being a fan of all art forms from the theatre to films, literature to exhibitions Emily is usually found in the stalls of a theatre telling you where the cast have been seen before without looking in the programme or fact finding in an art gallery, failing that she will be sipping champagne at the bar regaling stories of “glory days” of the West End!

Winter & Lifestyle Editor

Adam is equally at home in the mountains or ploughing through a rare steak with a side of Gin & Tonic. With over 40 years skiing experience from ski touring to Giant Slalom, Adam is a BASI qualified Ski and Telemark instructor as well as an accomplished Alpine Landscape artist. Despite the G&Ts; health and nutrition are a way of life for Adam who has lived Paleo or ‘eating like a cave man’ for over 10 years. When there is time aside from all of these antics he is also manages PR consultancy MrCPR.


Skiing, surfing and travelling: Katie will write about anything that involves a kick of adrenaline. A ski journalist in winter then once the season ends she jumps her base in London to scope out the most luxurious spots in obscure places across the globe. A good music joint with a martini in hand just about rivals fresh powder on the slopes.


Aizak is the founder of ‘Aizak Buyondo’ fashion, travel and lifestyle blogazine. A well known influencer, Aizak possesses a strong eye for fashion and luxury travel critically unearthing hidden gems from around the world. Aizak is also a brand ambassador, public speaker, presenter and works with various charities to raise awareness and funds for Male Cancer.


Robert Colvin is a performer originally from Hertfordshire and is currently based between New York and London, however, touring the US with work, the reality is a different city most weeks. Robert has perfected the art of the ‘paycation’, taking advantage of his tour schedule to indulge in some serious world travel. Robert’s travels are fuelled with a soft spot for the outdoors; surfing, hiking, cycling, kayaking and beach days prevail.


Chris travels the world performing his multi award winning mind reading act. He’s the star of BBC Three’s ‘Killer Magic’, West End magic show ‘Impossible’ and is creative consultant for Heston Blumenthal & ‘The Fat Duck’. He lives in London and spends most of his time watching theatre, cooking or travelling. His favourite destinations include Japan, New Orleans and the Maldives.


Hayley can normally be found juggling three cocktails in hand or mincing round the gym. After years on the entertainment circuit she is now a (semi) reformed showbiz journalist and as the former editor at Yahoo, she has many accolades under her belt – namely wriggling through a window to get into a bash at Leo DiCaprio’s villa. Now she is far more sensible and writes mainly about travel and the latest bonkers fitness craze.


Michael is passionate about many things: skiing, music (anything that moves him, but especially the blues, Stax, Motown, and gospel), Dirty Dry Vodka Martinis, good pals, and living ‘in the moment’. One-time international photographer turned Picture Editor, he eventually saw the light and became a ski-instructor and travel writer. His stories are “about the extraordinary people I meet along the way”.


Sara has many years’ experience as a fashion & lifestyle journalist, she Co-Founded 55 Magazine in 2011 and still styles and writes across a number of print and web titles. With a passion for travel, fashion and adventures, writing is her dream job. She can never say no to a glass of fizz, owns more than ten pairs of leather trousers and is obsessed with new exercise fads. Current fave is Bounce.


Neil is a former private banker turned freelance journalist. He’s also a trained singer, a former cheesemonger, once got paid to argue with old women about the security arrangements at Cliff Richard concerts and almost worked with a cross-dressing wine importer. He now basically eats for a living but, judging by the state of his shirts, isn’t very good at it.

Di Boscio
Peru Based Contributor

Chere has edited fashion magazines in both Paris and Dubai before setting up her own publication dedicated to sustainable luxury, Eluxe Magazine. A true world citizen, she’s lived in 7 cities on 5 continents and currently calls London and Peru home. She can normally be found tapping away on a laptop sipping an almond latte.

du Pont
USA Based Contributor

It’s safe to say that Nicholas is as at home in the air as he is on the ground. A native New Yorker, raised between there and Europe, it’s no surprise that this transatlantic upbringing led him to be fluent in seven languages. Nicholas now flies around the world as cabin crew for a major airline searching for his next gourmet meal and/or husband, who will hopefully help him nail language number eight.

USA Based Contributor

Caity Garvey is a digital producer and writer with National Geographic Travel & Adventure. Based in Washington D.C., she appreciates a blend of life’s finer things and outdoor adventures. You’re just as likely to find her dining at a 5-star restaurant as hiking a mountain. Her passions include travel, food, fitness, and reading (she is a master in the art of reading multiple books at once).

USA Based Contributor

Abbey Gbadamosi is a social worker by day and freelance writer and foodie by night based in New Jersey, USA. On a night out if there is a karaoke stage in sight, you will definitely find Abbey on the mic (Etta James “At Last” is her go-to warm up tune). Abbey’s weaknesses include crème brûlée, prosecco and big blue eyes.


Yemi is a freelance photographer, editor/writer and presenter. With no fixed abode both physically and some close friends could say mentally she is a lover of all things sensual and has made her mark in exploring many shades of photography, fashion and lifestyle especially within the LGBT community. Best way to approach Yemi is with a glass of Prosecco sprinkled with some pomegranate seeds.

Alwill Leyba
USA Based Contributor

Cara is an best selling author and certified lifestyle and wellness coach from New York City. Her blog ‘The Champagne Diet’ encourages women to live effervescently and always leave room for champagne. Cara believes that all women can live a “champagne life” by indulging in the things that make them happy and always making time for themselves.


Lis-Marie is a licensed Image Consultant with a keen eye on trends and up and coming brands. She will tell you how it is within fashion, styling, trends and “how to’s”, it might not always be sugarcoated, but then what’s the fun in that. When Lis-Marie isn’t busy taking photos of whatever catches her eye she does her best to stay in shape by punching it out in the gym.


Lara lives by the sea in Brighton with her family. Working as a blogger and illustrator, her background is in History of Art with a specialism in Byzantium. Although partial to fine dining, these days she can more often be found making baby food. She is currently studying with Digital Mums to become a Strategic Social Media Manager.

The Lord & Lady

The Lord & Lady are avid world travellers and in typical English style his Lordship is never seen without his umbrella and Panama and her Ladyship without her beloved pearls and a well thumbed copy of Jane Eyre. Residing in the English countryside they enjoy visits from their children, looking after their animals and speeding around in their Land Rovers.


Eluxe Magazine is the world’s first sustainable luxury publication. Based in London, the magazine prints quarterly and updated daily online. Edited by Chere Di Boscio, the magazine is considered to be a leading authority in green luxury fashion, organic beauty, and sustainable living. Eluxe also offers an eco-shop where readers can purchase organic beauty products and eco-friendly fashion.


Charlotte is a butcher who trained in London, she is also a Theology and Religious Studies graduate. Deciding to trade the cloth for the cleaver Charlotte can now be found in her shop “Charlotte’s Butchery” in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. A meat specialist, she is deeply passionate about good food, quality ingredients and sharing her wealth of knowledge. She is also partial to the odd gin house or two.


It has been said that when a child, Steven, mistook the pronunciation of the word ‘necessity’ for ‘luxury.’ This impediment has affected him greatly and set him off on his journey in life to seek out the finest of everything. In his brief existence, he has been an author, editor, model, museum curator, auctioneer and advisor to governments.

USA Based Contributor

Mella’s great love of the English language began her adventure in journalism, with a side passion for sales and marketing. Her fascination for both people and Champagne propelled her flute first into event planning. Many soireés, fetes, and galas later, she’s still popping corks, clinking and chatting her way through life. Mella is also the Producer of Bubbly Talk Radio.


Based in Wales, Lorna swapped Chelsea and high end couture for the countryside several years ago to focus on her outerwear fashion label and her blog. A former stylist and personal shopper, Lorna now lives with her two French Bulldogs and is a big of all things fitness whilst also having a serious love of food.


A sarcastic and dry-witted gallivant, Lateef was an active sport enthusiast until the realisation that in order to keep fit one needed to do more exercise than calorie intake. At the age of 19 he treated his friends to a meal at Claridges and the Chateaubriand washed down with a 1972 Chateau Lafite changed his outlook on food forever. Now the way to his heart is entirely through his mouth.

The Papa

The Papa Gorilla is our resident petrolhead, with a passion for power ranging from Vespa to Veyron. He is happiest on two wheels, preferably with a sizeable engine attached. A degree in Modern Languages from Oxford opened up a world of exotic travel to focus on finding the best traffic-beaters and the finest out-of-town rides. He blogs about vehicles and dadding at thepapagorilla.com


Ballsy, Blonde, Ambitious. Penchant for crunchy peanut butter, baby animals, and mathematics. Classically-trained ballet dancer, master food-orderer, adventure-seeker. Whether it is because Jessica speaks her mind or pack things like vibrating foot-massagers in her travel luggage that resemble plastic bombs to the border police, she always seem to get into trouble.

Canada Based Contributor

Katarina writes from Vancouver, having just left the University of Oxford where she completed a Masters in Gender & Equality Studies whilst acting as Head of PR at the University’s Wine Society. Prior to Oxford, she enjoyed a globe-trotting career in the premium champagne industry. Passionate about making the finer things of life accessible to all she now writes for BBB.


Jax Roe is a gun-toting, horse-racing Renaissance girl. Equally at home in a gallery, on a moor, or at the racecourse, she spends her evenings in Michelin starred restaurants. Having squandered her youth having fun, Jacqueline went back to school and took an MA in Renaissance studies, she now curates a number of Renaissance and fine-dining blogs.


Hayley is a freelance TV presenter, make-up artist and fashion stylist best known for her work on ITV This Morning. Favourite pursuits include travel, reading, fitness, shopping and lots of cuddles with her beloved and overly pampered dog Alby. Her motto in life is from one of her beauty idols: Audrey Hepburn – “The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters”.


Jack comes from a family that has devoted 40 years to the food industry. Since he can remember the Seafood Restaurant in Padstow was like an extension of the family home. Working from the age of 14 under his father Rick’s watchful eye, he left briefly to complete his degree, returning to the stove and devoting over decade to cooking for the family firm.


As a wellbeing warrior and (haute) hippie at heart, Emma’s equally happy on a journey of self discovery, as she is at a luxury spa. Finding any excuse to get a good dose of Vitamin D and Sea, yoga/mediation and a good deep tissue massage is also her healing. And when not reporting from the wellness front-line, Emma runs London based lifestyle communications agency WHITEHAIR.CO.

Helen Alexis
France Based Contributor

Growing up the daughter of a diplomat, life has always been an adventure for Alexis, imagining herself an explorer in the many places she called home, which included Malaysia and Russia. One could say she caught the travel bug early! Since 2011 Alexis has lived in Paris, where she enjoys all the wonderful things this beautiful city has to offer and works as a filmmaker and photographer.