Winter in Alberta

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A life without adventure is a life not lived, and so it was time to live life to the full and go adventuring. I was to explore the province of Alberta in Canada and all that it had to offer in the depths of Winter. Starting from Edmonton and travelling by road along the Icefields... Read more »


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Everyone who has ever visited the Caribbean will guarantee they will go back, and every patron has a favourite island, bar and story to share. As it was my first visit to Nevis and its colonial capital- Charlestown, I was excited to soak up all the traditions, food and sun as I could muster in... Read more »

Taprobane, Sri Lanka

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Taprobane Island is without doubt one of the most eccentric and beautiful places I have ever visited. It is situated on the southern tip of Sri Lanka, about half an hour from the Dutch colonial centre of Galle. This strip of Sri Lanka is dotted with fishing villages, modern developments and the usual tourist traps... Read more »

Al Maha Desert Resort

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Being asked to write a review for the Al Maha Desert resort in Dubai came with two small but nonetheless important considerations, which I felt compelled to address before I left the UK. First amongst these was its setting, Dubai.  Now, I have no problem in the idea of building garish and over the top... Read more »


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Sitting at the beach bar, sipping a cocktail, I cannot help but congratulate myself on my choice of destination. The sea is inviting, the sun is hot and the private beach is immaculate and free of hustling salespeople. Perched on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand, the Sokha Beach Resort Hotel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia,... Read more »


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As any European who has ever been to China will know, it's different. Very different. But difference is a good thing and, what's more, China's size and variety make it possible to have several exciting holidays in one country. My journey started in Beijing, surrounded by a thousand voices speaking a language that I couldn’t... Read more »

Sri Lanka

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I first fell in love with Sri Lanka when I went there after the terrible tsunami of 2004, as an aid worker to help those affected in the south around the city of Galle.  What astonished me the most then was the amazing generosity and community spirit of the Sri Lankan people; despite differing religious... Read more »