Selfridges Christmas Hamper

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Christmas is almost upon us and that means all ones yearly efforts to stay lean and healthy fly out the window as we tuck into Mince Pies and festive drinks. Food and drink are maybe the most important elements to Christmas, from the turkey on Christmas day to gorging oneself on treats and bubbly, there... Read more »

#AprèsWithAView at Radio Rooftop at ME London

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I think we can all agree that winter is well and truly in swing, and even I am beginning to feel Christmassy! I am no Scrooge, but it’s hard not to feel festive after attending Radio Rooftop Bar’s #ApresWithAView at the ME Hotel. The ME hotel is uniquely situated in the BBC’s old Radio Headquarters... Read more »


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The summer was just a distant memory, which I was quite glad about for I live for the winter and everything associated with it. Of course the peak of winter for me is Christmas, and I have to say that the best part is the gradual built up over November and December. Once Halloween is... Read more »