Knoxville, Tennessee

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Knoxville, Tennessee may be glazed over in tourist books and travel guides but the city has a southern charm, beating cultural heart and meat appetite to rival the most red blooded of Southern outpost. The grisly, concrete exterior should be endured  to ascertain in the city’s historic, red brick innards. Knoxville plays host to over... Read more »

MINA Brasserie

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The nightlife in Dubai is constantly changing, with new restaurants, bars and entertainment opening every day. The Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial District is one of two Four Seasons properties in the city and was quite recently established in 2016. Ever popular with visiting business people, it is, however, the newly opened destination bar... Read more »

Vijay’s Bar & Lounge

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There’s a new rooftop bar in town. A secret wee nugget of a place in Fitzrovia that even has its own unmarked front door. Set above Lokhandwala Indian tapas bar on Charlotte Street, Vijay’s Bar & Lounge has a moody, speakeasy feel. It’s named after Vijay Kapur, the bounder who broke Lady Charlotte Fitzrovia’s heart, and the rich decor reflects... Read more »

Zheng Chelsea

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If you’ll excuse a couple of bits of generalisation, Asian dining in London is a tale of extremes. Let’s start with the first generalisation; yes, I am lumping Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indian, Japanese and all points in-between and neighbouring to make my point. As for the second one … Every postcode in the capital probably... Read more »

Moonshine Saloon

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Step off the streets of west London and into the Wild West. At the end of the Kings Road, next to Jak’s and the old haunt of Embargo’s, you’ll find the Moonshine Saloon. But it’s a different experience. It’s immersive theatre with cocktails (how could this kind of entertainment ever be without?). This Wild West... Read more »

The Perception at W Hotel London

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The Perception at W Hotel London is hosting London chef Ravinder Bhogal with her one-time vegan menu through June. The venue is cool and vibrant; the menu is all about strong flavours and turning around the misconception that vegan food is unexciting. It is anything but here. Bhogal was born in Nairobi to Sikh parents... Read more »

Six Seven Restaurant

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Seattle is a foodie’s paradise: it offers everything, from the fantastic fish tacos of Pike Place Market, to fresh Pacific North-Western oysters, seafood and pretty much anything you want to try. And you’d be forgiven for exploring the local restaurants rather than delving into a hotel to find your dining venue of choice. Yet, it’s... Read more »

Blade Soho

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If going to the hairdresser brings up tedious visions of sitting on your phone and wiling away the hour scrolling through Instagram, or flicking through an outdated Cosmo mag whilst sipping on a lukewarm tea, then you need to get yourself to Blade. Blade is a new hairdressing concept in the heart of London, on... Read more »