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Let me clarify my position regarding Kouzu from the off. It’s very, very good. Service is impeccable – Salvatore, we salute you. Drinks are interesting, and not in that euphemistic, fixed smile kind of way. The room, while not scoring points for originality, is spacious, sleek and stylishly picked out in assorted greys and variations... Read more »

Bob Bob Ricard

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Dragging myself down to Soho on a grey Sunday afternoon in November is no easy feat, not even the promise of a decadent lunch can put some spring in my step. As I arrive at the restaurant’s entrance I’m greeted by a rather charming doorman, who ushers me out of the rain with a smile,... Read more »

The Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf

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Want to be 007 in your own personal James Bond film mega-fantasy? The Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf, location to a scene in James Bond’s Skyfall where Daniel Craig strips off his tux to swim in a gorgeous pool overlooking the Thames at night, is where I spent one romantic and unforgettable night. The Four... Read more »


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Tucked away inside the Chelsea Cloisters, a luxury apartment complex with gleaming white walls and glossy marble floors, Bart’s is truly a hidden gem that is a surprising juxtaposition to the building within which it's nestled. Having arrived in London that morning, fresh off the red eye from New York, I knew there was only one... Read more »

Artesian at The Langham

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It has been said that I practically live at Artesian at The Langham Hotel: no truer words have been spoken and I blame the Pink & Gold. After the gracious invite from Aron to sample the signature cocktails of the Artesian I was quick on the uptake to invite fellow lush Qin. After our previous cocktail... Read more »

Blakes Bar

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As I approach the black exterior of the fabulously seductive Blakes Hotel in South Kensington I can not help but feel I'm doing something worthy of a wanton. This bar is the sort of establishment that you would like to have been heard to have been seen - but never actually seen. That would blow... Read more »

Galvin at Windows Bar

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Never, never, never have such scenes been witnessed in high society, that uneasy alliance between Bright Young Things and old survivors. That was until my night with Qin, two bright young things out on the town in the newly renovated Galvin at Windows Bar.  Galvin at Windows Bar has now reopened its doors, following an... Read more »

William’s Bar, St James Hotel and Club

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Opulent decadence shining in gold, sleek and regal: William's Bar at St James Hotel and Club, the perfect setting for Rachel and I for a cocktail or two after the Ambassador spoilt us at Seven Park Place. A beautiful bar with exemplary staff is the heart of any hotel, whether for regulars, who find it... Read more »