Four Seasons Punta Mita

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As my friends know, it’s no secret that my heart belongs to one country above all others, above the myriad places from which my relatives sprung, above the island I currently call home. Mexico has a way of charming all who visit, a magic that combines a bewitching otherness with the familiarity of an old... Read more »

Corinthia Hotel London

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It was one of those grizzly grey days, pierced by hopeful spears of occasional sunlight that then fail to deliver any respite from the drizzle. Charlotte and I traversed the – admittedly short – distance from Charing Cross railway station to the oasis of the Corinthia Hotel London, ploughing through dense clouds of identically dressed... Read more »

The Museum Hotel

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The Turkish winter, such as it was, had passed; and spring had arrived in Istanbul, along with the sumptuous displays of the annual tulip festival.  Having spent seven months in Turkey, vigorously exploring its biggest city yet never venturing beyond, I had started to feel an urge to explore other parts of this vast and... Read more »