SNOZONE Milton Keynes

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A couple of years ago I went skiing for the first time since I was at school, and it was not until after I was taken to the top of a red run, that our instructor and I realised I was in way over my head. With only one way down. Luckily I survived to... Read more »

The Slate Phuket

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Just a few minutes south of the airport in Phuket, The Slate is a real treat for the design conscious. If you tell someone that you’re staying at The Slate, those with their fingers on the luxury travel pulse will recognise it as the new incarnation of the famous Indigo Pearl resort, but the recent... Read more »

Hotel Carlota Mexico City

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Traffic in Mexico City is quite a challenge. Make the wrong move and you can be stranded in the middle of six streams of stationary vehicles, gazing enviously as an ancient man with a walking stick speeds past you on the distant pavement. Choose your time and direction wisely, and grand arterial routes like Paseo... Read more »

Four Seasons Punta Mita

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As my friends know, it’s no secret that my heart belongs to one country above all others, above the myriad places from which my relatives sprung, above the island I currently call home. Mexico has a way of charming all who visit, a magic that combines a bewitching otherness with the familiarity of an old... Read more »


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You only have to step off the plane in Bodrum to realise, Wizard of Oz style, that you aren’t in Istanbul any more. Bodrum Milas airstrip is surrounded on all sides by hills and plains, an arid-looking yet fertile landscape of dust, rocks and trees. We were greeted politely but warmly by our driver, who ushered us... Read more »

Corinthia Hotel London

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It was one of those grizzly grey days, pierced by hopeful spears of occasional sunlight that then fail to deliver any respite from the drizzle. Charlotte and I traversed the – admittedly short – distance from Charing Cross railway station to the oasis of the Corinthia Hotel London, ploughing through dense clouds of identically dressed... Read more »

Maçakızı, Turkey

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Looking out over the delightful, turquoise waters of the Aegean sea and lounging on the wooden deck of the beach club, I settled into the large, white, Ottoman-style cushions to play cards with Tall, Dark and Handsome. Located in the village of Türkbükü, Maçakızı is named after proprietor Sahir Erozan’s mother, whose nickname is Maçakızı,... Read more »

The Luna Hotel Baglioni, Venice

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At sunrise, adorned in bespoke atelier couture and soft pink Rupert Sanderson heels, I arrived by gondola to the doorstep of the Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice. Beautifully lit and filled with a hand-picked selection of artwork - oil paintings, antique furniture and refined crystal chandeliers - the noble Luna Hotel Baglioni glowed. The hotel is a historic... Read more »