Browhaus and Ministy of Waxing

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The one product most women will not leave the house without is mascara. Eye-opening and defining, mascara brings out our inner Bambi. It is also the first thing that goes from pretty to panda at the mere whiff of water. Making it less than ideal on holiday/if you like to get your sweat on/if you... Read more »

The Perception at W Hotel London

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The Perception at W Hotel London is hosting London chef Ravinder Bhogal with her one-time vegan menu through June. The venue is cool and vibrant; the menu is all about strong flavours and turning around the misconception that vegan food is unexciting. It is anything but here. Bhogal was born in Nairobi to Sikh parents... Read more »

Urban Villa

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Manhattan style with a London edge is how the Urban Villa website describes the suites in its West London hotel. The hotel aims to be super modern and well connected - with 1TB WiFi speeds its internet is faster than any other London hotel - but the rooms are adorned with furniture, soft furnishings and... Read more »

The Square

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The luxurious The Square restaurant is now owned by Marc Restaurants. The location, once headed up by chef Philip Howard and restaurateur Nigel Platts-Martin, is now home to executive Chef Clément Leroy after Marlon Abela redeveloped the restaurant in 2016. The new reincarnation provides diners with modern haute cuisine in a stunning contemporary art-filled venue... Read more »


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Olivier award winning James Graham was lauded last year for having two plays (Ink and Labour of Love) running side-by-side in the West End. Now he's back at the Noel Coward Theatre with a transfer piece from Chichester, creating a terrific buzz with this exuberantly entertaining and thought-provoking interactive piece: Quiz. Here in Quiz Graham re-examines the... Read more »

The Vaults

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I assumed I was entering into a night of debauchery and indulgence in the raw, private setting of The Vaults. But I came out reflective and empowered, more than I had expected for this night out. It’s a conceptual art and performance over a supper club. I arrived at The Vaults for An Evening of... Read more »

Ginza Onodera London

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Walking into Ginza Onodera made me realise there’s been a whole sub-genre of restaurants that I have: a) only just realised is a sub-genre of restaurants; and b) studiously avoided for years - Japanese restaurants with oddly forbidding, darkened glass frontages. Seriously, walk around the more chi chi parts of the capital and you’ll spot... Read more »

Blade Soho

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If going to the hairdresser brings up tedious visions of sitting on your phone and wiling away the hour scrolling through Instagram, or flicking through an outdated Cosmo mag whilst sipping on a lukewarm tea, then you need to get yourself to Blade. Blade is a new hairdressing concept in the heart of London, on... Read more »