Hotel Carlota Mexico City

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Traffic in Mexico City is quite a challenge. Make the wrong move and you can be stranded in the middle of six streams of stationary vehicles, gazing enviously as an ancient man with a walking stick speeds past you on the distant pavement. Choose your time and direction wisely, and grand arterial routes like Paseo... Read more »

Royal Hideaway Playacar Resort

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I’ve always had a poor opinion of all-inclusive resorts. When I was in my late teens, my then boyfriend and I wanted a holiday, but I was a student and I’d never travelled outside Europe without my family. I had no instructions to show me what to do. It seemed the easiest thing would be... Read more »

W Hotel Mexico City

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From outside, one could be forgiven for thinking that the W Hotel Mexico City is another of the glamorous boutique shops lining the streets of the trendy Polanco district in which it sits. Animated window displays outside tempt passers-by to visit what seems to be a pop-up tattoo parlour in one of the suites. Top... Read more »

Zanaya at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico D.F.

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The newly opened Zanaya restaurant in Mexico City’s Four Seasons hotel takes its name from the first letters of a traditional grilling method (ZAranda) and the region in which this was used (NAYArit). This fusion of words is reflective of the restaurant as a whole; within the bustle of Mexico City and the classic luxury... Read more »

The Apuane Spa, Four Seasons Punta Mita

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Heading directly from the swimming pool at Four Seasons Punta Mita to their Apuane Spa, I could not contain my excitement about the 80 minute treatment that lay ahead. I have never been so much in need of serious pampering and massage, but five months of hauling myself around on crutches with a broken ankle... Read more »

Four Seasons Punta Mita

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As my friends know, it’s no secret that my heart belongs to one country above all others, above the myriad places from which my relatives sprung, above the island I currently call home. Mexico has a way of charming all who visit, a magic that combines a bewitching otherness with the familiarity of an old... Read more »