Kasbah du Toubkal

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The Taxi whisked Cheeky and I out of Marrakesh and across the flat, arid landscape. Eventually in the distance through the haze, the High Atlas Mountains loomed. It was to be an hour and thirty minutes drive, that took us from flat barren land to red rocky hills with towns clinging to hillsides and eventually... Read more »

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca

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Arriving by train in to the White City is as romantic as it sounds, if not as glamorous as one hoped being the journey is long and rather sticky, even in First Class. Having boarded in Marrakech, Eisbär and I, imagining ourselves colonial travellers of the yesteryear, headed by train to the largest city in... Read more »

Le Spa Four Seasons Casablanca

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After a hard day of sitting by the pool, sipping fresh juices and soaking up some vitamin D purely for medicinal purposes it was time to visit ‘Le Spa’ at the Four Seasons Casablanca where hopefully they would be able to help me recover from the perilous day. Cheeky and I had been booked in... Read more »

Four Seasons Marrakech

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Cheeky and I had previously been staying at the Four Seasons of Casablanca and they kindly lent us Adil, one of their best drivers to escort us in his Audi Quattro A8 for the 243km journey through the Moroccan desert to Marrakech. As a big fan of road trips this could not have been better,... Read more »

Selman Restaurant

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On a warm October day we headed to the beautiful luxury hotel The Selman, on the outskirts of Marrakesh, for sumptuous dining experience. Our chauffeur drove us up to the front door of the spectacular hotel where the Dorman showed us into the lobby where we then glided across the marble floors to the main... Read more »

Farnatchi Spa

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Whilst we were staying at the Riad Farnatchi Cheeky and I were lucky enough to visit the newly opened Farnatchi Spa. Based in the north end of the Medina in Marrakesh, the Spa opened its doors in 2016. The Spa can be entered from the street Souk de Fassi, but it also has direct access... Read more »

Riad Farnatchi

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Cheeky and I flew into Marrakesh in the late afternoon, our friendly driver Mr. Talbi was ready and waiting for us with a smile. It was a baptism of fire as we were introduced to Marrakesh rush hour on one of the busiest days of the year, the Islamic new year and it seemed that... Read more »

Royal Mansour

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Morocco is a mythical ancient country with a wealth of history, an eclectic population and architectural delights from grand palaces to the bazaars of the Medina.  In the northwest of Morocco lies Marrakech, Morocco’s third largest city and most important former imperial city in the history of this country. Like many Moroccan cities, Marrakesh comprises... Read more »