Hakkasan Hanway Place

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In all corners of civilised society, there is an unstoppable force that changes perspectives, habits and interests – the trend. Whether it’s fashion, music or food, today’s pleasure is tomorrow’s poison. Kangol hats were the height of fashion in the 90s but now only appear on Samuel L Jackson; the identity parade on TV’s ‘Never... Read more »


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Going on a review with the Editor of a magazine is a bit like going out for dinner with your parents when you were students. We seem to have much more food and nicer tipples than we were used to. This was one such occasion and needless to say the only activity I did particularly... Read more »

Sake No Hana

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The most consistently annoying thing I find about people is the way that some attempt to show off how cultured they are at every chance – and with the subtlety of a drunk elephant wearing aviators trying to get into a panda-only ballet class. Such people are not particularly hard to find; you just have... Read more »