Zheng Chelsea

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If you’ll excuse a couple of bits of generalisation, Asian dining in London is a tale of extremes. Let’s start with the first generalisation; yes, I am lumping Chinese, Thai, Korean, Indian, Japanese and all points in-between and neighbouring to make my point. As for the second one … Every postcode in the capital probably... Read more »

Chino Latino Bar and Restaurant

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Hotel restaurants and bars have a certain appeal to them – a sense of exoticism, escapism, and aloofness that can only be captured in the closed off dining rooms of the transient spaces of international hotels. Personally, I love them; the best hotels of London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, and all the other brilliant... Read more »

Hakkasan Hanway Place

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In all corners of civilised society, there is an unstoppable force that changes perspectives, habits and interests – the trend. Whether it’s fashion, music or food, today’s pleasure is tomorrow’s poison. Kangol hats were the height of fashion in the 90s but now only appear on Samuel L Jackson; the identity parade on TV’s ‘Never... Read more »