The Inn at Little Washington

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Removed from the bustling city of Washington, D.C., The Inn at Little Washington is about a two-hour drive away. The town it calls home is the quaint and quiet town of, ironically, Washington, Virginia. There’s a quality of country charm and worldliness in everything from the décor to the food at The Inn at Little... Read more »

Lucknam Park

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Lucknam Park. The very name conjures up images of trees and tranquility, of stately nature and magnificent settings. A country retreat from the world where one can experience spa treatments, elegant rooms, local flavours, equestrian activities, a cookery school and private gardens in one beautiful location. Driving up the 1.6 km long avenue of 400... Read more »

The Dining Room at Whatley Manor

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During our stay at the luxurious Whatley Manor, where we were carefree in the Cotswolds, Charlotte and I were lucky enough to be able to eat at the hotel’s two Michelin star restaurant, The Dining Room. Aside from our treatments at Whatley Manor’s Aquarias spa, we had spent the day on foot and on bicycles,... Read more »

The Dining Room at The Goring

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The Goring Hotel has a long and illustrious history. With its grand opening in 1910 by founder Otto Richard Goring, this was the last hotel built in the reign of King Edward VII. The hotel has not looked back since as to setting precedents when it comes service as in 2013 The Goring was granted a... Read more »

Lil’a Restaurant

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Lil’a restaurant is part of The Museum Hotel. The hotel’s location and beauty is quite unique, and it is the only hotel in Turkey within the Relais & Châteaux family.  The restaurant is decorated in a similar way to the rest of the hotel: antique carpets hang from walls, while framed felt artwork and Ottoman... Read more »

The Museum Hotel

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The Turkish winter, such as it was, had passed; and spring had arrived in Istanbul, along with the sumptuous displays of the annual tulip festival.  Having spent seven months in Turkey, vigorously exploring its biggest city yet never venturing beyond, I had started to feel an urge to explore other parts of this vast and... Read more »

Whatley Manor

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Living in the Kent countryside, I often choose to spend my trips away surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a large city, be it London, Paris or Bangkok. When I do travel to somewhere more remote, I want it to be as different as possible from the UK, otherwise I end up feeling that... Read more »

Enoteca Pinchiorri Florence

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There are restaurants in the world that one dreams of having the opportunity to visit some day; from Noma to Arzak, some restaurants are mythical places that us mere mortals will never get to experience. Upon organizing our trip to Italy, there was one restaurant that was top of that list, the Italian gastronomic equivalent of the Ceryneian Golden Hind, Michelangelo’s... Read more »