Knoxville, Tennessee

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Knoxville, Tennessee may be glazed over in tourist books and travel guides but the city has a southern charm, beating cultural heart and meat appetite to rival the most red blooded of Southern outpost. The grisly, concrete exterior should be endured  to ascertain in the city’s historic, red brick innards. Knoxville plays host to over... Read more »

VP Plaza España Design

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Visiting Madrid is like visiting any European capital city. Spacious boulevards, expansive manicured parks, and neo classical facades which exaggerate the humility of the patrons. However, there is deceptively modern structure in the centre of a historical city. The latest offering from the VP family is a welcome addition to the traditional classic builds which... Read more »

Atlanta City, Georgia

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Atlanta’s sprawling metropolis, a cosmopolitan melting pot of different cultures, is a testament to the sweeping power of diversity, it’s civil rights history acts an important backdrop to any traveler’s jaunt through Georgia’s capital. It is undeniable that, like any large city, it has its problems with homelessness and other issues, which you will most... Read more »

Valamar Argosy Hotel

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For those who like a bit of (TV) drama with their holiday, Dubrovnik is the ideal destination. The magnificent Old Town complete with its dramatic waterfront and ancient brickwork is the background for many of the scenes from HBO’s Game of Thrones. Most notably, Cersei Lannister’s naked “Walk of Shame”, which resulted in her descent... Read more »

Hilton Tel Aviv

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For every discerning traveller, where you stay is just as important as the destination when booking a holiday. No point in going to a fabulous destination and slam it in a mediocre or below average hotel. That alone would ruin your vacation, atleast I know for sure that it would ruin mine. Recently I had... Read more »

Hôtel Barrière L’Hermitage

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To escape the unbearable heat and tourist-hassle of the capital in August, savvy Parisians go west. Not the Caribbean, but La Baule in the Loire-Atlantique (southern Brittany to you and me). Less than four hours by car or TGV, it’s their equivalent of Rock, or Salcombe, and they up-sticks for the entire month; maman, grand-mère,... Read more »

COMO Metropolitan London

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Trendy, modern and contemporary are a few words that you would use to describe this prestigious hotel situated on one of London’s iconic streets. Park Lane is home to the COMO Metropolitan London, which consists of the Nobu restaurant, providing a Japanese and Peruvian fusion of cuisine, the hip buzzy Met Bar (which is soon... Read more »

Farol Hotel

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I am a big fan of lighthouses. They set an idyllic seaside scene, while offering unconditional light in the darkness to guide those navigating rocky waters to safety. Setting a good example to us all! So, may I guide you to a 5 star refuge for the most discerning of sailors on the waters of life:... Read more »