Heaven Skincare

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As a teenager and sadly still as an adult I suffer from acne. The teenage acne initially left my face scarred and over these early years I tried almost every potion, lotion, antibiotic and therapy to control them. This journey of trial and many errors became a journey of self-discovery which ultimately led to discovering... Read more »

Emily Ponte at Odyssey Spa

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I was first introduced to Permanent Makeup Specialist Emily Ponte a few years ago now through a mutual friend of mine, fellow TV presenter Laura Hamilton. Laura regularly calls upon Emily’s beauty services to get her ready for her many TV appearance including presenting Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun. Emily also looks after... Read more »

Natural Spa Factory

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The quest for a youthful appearance never ends and I for one are open to try anything. As mentioned before, I feel safer with milder products, especially for your face, as your skin is so thin and sensitive and under your eyes even more so, so you do not want to bombard it with heavy-duty... Read more »

AEOS Skincare

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This article took me a while, not because I did not know what to write, but because I was given this amazing box filled with AEOS products and it took me a while to properly try them out. At first glance I felt slightly overwhelmed thinking “How do I even have enough face to put... Read more »

Fountain Of Youth

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I think finding the perfect skincare for you is like finding a perfect LBD.. If it doesn’t go with your skin or supports your needs then it kinda won’t work right? See I have all kinds of issues with my skin, it’s oily in some places yet very dry in others and with getting older... Read more »