Åre Sweden

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I am not one for extreme cold. Not until I learnt to ski could I appreciate the winter wonderlands of the Alps and beyond; and now grounded thanks to a skiing accident, the idea of going to Scandinavia’s major highland resort of Åre without being able to ski was a daunting one. The Beast from... Read more »

Winter in Alberta

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A life without adventure is a life not lived, and so it was time to live life to the full and go adventuring. I was to explore the province of Alberta in Canada and all that it had to offer in the depths of Winter. Starting from Edmonton and travelling by road along the Icefields... Read more »

Salomon Goggles and Helmet

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The Winter season had finally started after what had felt like a long, long summer and it was time to look at some of my equipment! My parents originally strapped skis to my feet pretty much as soon as I could walk, and being the 70s helmets had not been invented yet, so everything I... Read more »