The Chapel Hairdressers Tunbridge Wells

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The Chapel Hairdressers I firmly believe that a good connection with your hairdresser is crucial for a happy existence. If you try to express how you want to look, they need to be able to understand you. If you aren’t sure how you want to look, they need to understand you so well that they can work it... Read more »

Toni & Guy Styling Tools

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My hair, it has been a journey ever since my last perm in my teens to win that volume back without having to look like something taken from a fashion magazine a la 80’s. I’m Swedish and have inherited the hair of my country, fine, fragile and super soft, and I admit, with the help... Read more »

LBD – The Little Black Dress

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I plan my outfit for the next day in the evening before, if not I know I would stand there in the morning with way to many things to juggle, getting my winged eyeliner even, have my morning coffee and struggle to make sense of my hair. There just isn’t enough time to think up... Read more »