Aurum Jewellery

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When it comes to jewellery and accessories I like the unusual. Jewellery is an extension of ones personality and I personally like statement pieces that are unique and different. I came across Icelandic brand Aurum and was instantly enthralled by their story and the collections. Aurum was founded in 1999 by Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir, a... Read more »

Natural Spa Factory

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The quest for a youthful appearance never ends and I for one are open to try anything. As mentioned before, I feel safer with milder products, especially for your face, as your skin is so thin and sensitive and under your eyes even more so, so you do not want to bombard it with heavy-duty... Read more »

The Clean Ribbon Alliance Launches

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ELUXE MAGAZINE announces the launch of the charity, The Clean Ribbon. With the support of sustainable brands such as Reve en Vert, LUXE Botanics, virtue + vice, FROM Clothing and PRITI NYC, 1% of all profits from partnering brands will be donated to support research and education into the potential relationship of everyday chemicals commonly... Read more »

Sun.Day of London

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I love a good scented candle and one in every room please! So when I received a natural and organic botanical candle from Sun.Day, well I lit it instantly of course. It has a subtle scent that travels beautifully throughout the room without being overpowering but still enough to linger for a while. I received... Read more »


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As a wannabe vegan (who’s more realistically a flexitarian) with a weakness for good tuna ceviche - when I do indulge my pescartarain tastes, I try to ensure it’s sustainably sourced. I mean, I can’t even bring myself to watch ‘Blue Planet’, I’m so devastated by how we’ve plundered our precious ocean. So when I... Read more »

Pangea Sculptures

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Pangea Sculptures was set up in 2014 after its founder, Ian Unsworth, saw the sculptures being sold at the roadside whilst on a trip to Africa. He became fascinated with these fantastical sculptures and met with the artist, Moses Ocheing, in his community in Nairobi. Ian bought a couple of pieces for himself and made... Read more »

Holzhotel Forsthofalm

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Nervous is not even the start of it. Having torn my ACL in Austria the previous year while skiing the daunting idea of going back to Austria pre reconstructive surgery to ski filled me with doubt. Would I remember how to ski? Would I even want to go on to the snow? What if I... Read more »


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When it comes to mobile phones many companies have gone above and beyond to create works of art. I have been a Apple iPhone user since iPhone 3 and have always admired the design, but there is a downside, the phones are fragile and as such require protective screens and cases to keep them in... Read more »