Tivoli Lodge

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The Swiss have an expression for it: die Verschwiegenheit . . . secrecy, discretion, reticence, seclusion, and they value it in this part of the world - Davos Klosters. British Royals have relied on it for decades, as have POTUSs, PMs, CEOs, etc... you get the picture. The art of providing impeccable service when, where,... Read more »

Ecco St.Moritz

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Cheeky and I pulled up outside the Giardino Mountain hotel in St. Moritz where we were to have our dining experience that evening. We entered the 5 star hotel to made our way down stairs where we were shown into a small underground room where Ecco St. Moritz is based from around mid December through... Read more »

Baur au Lac

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In 1844, Johannes Baur created the magnificent Baur au Lac hotel which was the first hotel to overlook Lake Zurich and the mountains for noteworthy guests of aristocratic and important guests. Notable visitors include recent celebrities like Renee Zellweger, Richard Gere, and Daniel Craig as well as King Ludwig I of Bavaria, the King Carl... Read more »

Restaurant Sommet

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Nestled in the beautiful Alpina Gstaad hotel is the one Michelin star Restaurant Sommet. Created by renowned chef Martin Göschel this fine dining establishment deep in the Swiss Alps offers exceptional produce that will delight the most distinguished of palates, including Eisbär’s and mine. After a tough day skiing at Glacier 3000 followed by a... Read more »

The Unique Hotel Post

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We had driven from Cervinia in Italy all the way to Zermatt in Switzerland, a stunning journey that took us through some amazing Alpine scenery including the Grand Saint Bernard pass at 1918 metres from Italy to Switzerland. The journey would take us about 3:45 hours and we would end up only 8 miles from... Read more »

The Suvretta House

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We had just driven one of the most beautiful high alpine roads in Europe- the Julier Pass to St. Moritz. This certainly is a mountain pass that one should experience in one’s lifetime. Once in the  Engadin Valley, we turned off the main road to make our way up the private road to the Suvretta... Read more »

Six Senses Spa at The Alpina Gstaad

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Located in the heart of The Alpina Gstaad, the Six Senses Spa is a true sanctuary of peace and well-being, that can be enjoyed by guests and locals alike. Inspired by Asian traditions and drawing its energy from the Alpine heart of the Bernese Oberland, this unique oasis of serenity offers world-renowned treatments designed to... Read more »

Murtaröl of St. Moritz

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Skicool had arranged for us to have dinner at the gorgeous seafood restaurant Murtaröl just 13 minutes drive from St. Moritz on the Lake Silsersee. The building dates back to 1880 but was bought by the family in 1951 and eventually converted to the restaurant that it is today back in 1982. Antonio Walther has... Read more »