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Everyone who has ever visited the Caribbean will guarantee they will go back, and every patron has a favourite island, bar and story to share. As it was my first visit to Nevis and its colonial capital- Charlestown, I was excited to soak up all the traditions, food and sun as I could muster in... Read more »

Hotel Arts

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Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia and it’s glittering crown jewel. Described as "the flower among the beautiful cities of the world" by Cervantes in Don Quixote, Barcelona has since been championed and immortalised by many – in the literature of Laurie Lee and Carlos Ruiz Zafón and by the architecture... Read more »

Michael Ball & Alfie Boe: ‘Together’

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In a packed London Palladium two leading men of the West End Stage and Broadway came “Together” to put on an immaculately staged revue to showcase their album that has reached number 2 in the charts: “Together”…..Michael Ball and Alfie Boe. Having first met 10 years ago, performing together in 'Kismet' at the London Coliseum,... Read more »

Matiana’s Luxury Cappadocian Tour

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Nothing quite prepares you for Cappadocia. It must be one of the most magical and surreal landscapes in the world. Tall, Dark and Handsome and I had a mind-blowingly, incredible, early morning hot air balloon ride over the enchanted landscape so breakfasted well in preparation at Lil’a Restaurant in the Museum Hotel. We then left ourselves... Read more »

Istanbul Helicopter Tours

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The last time I was in a helicopter was over the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska; filming a vast expanse of untouched landscape out of the open chopper doors.  I mused on the stark contrast between that flight mission and today’s as I rode my motorbike through the beginnings of Istanbul’s vast industrial outskirts towards the... Read more »

Royal Opera House Tour

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The Royal Opera House is known for its beautiful building in London with the best ballet and opera in the country. I was lucky enough to visit the Royal Opera House for a tour and see the splendour of the building and costumes, but this week I was also fortunate enough to see the company’s other location in... Read more »

Luxury Paris Tour

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Local knowledge is one of the factors that can make a good holiday into a fabulous one. In Paris, a company called Luxury Paris gives you access, in style, to the best of the city. From organising art excursions and aerial tours by helicopter to providing a concierge service during your stay to arrange luxury... Read more »


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As any European who has ever been to China will know, it's different. Very different. But difference is a good thing and, what's more, China's size and variety make it possible to have several exciting holidays in one country. My journey started in Beijing, surrounded by a thousand voices speaking a language that I couldn’t... Read more »