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Having just returned from a long weekend in Turkey, I feel refreshed, relaxed and just tanned-enough, to receive some raised eyebrow envy from my non-journo friends. With the temperatures just starting to rise in May, it is a great time to go to get some bargain sun and avoid the hardcore sun worshiping crowds. With... Read more »


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I wandered hand in hand with Tall, Dark and Handsome through the charming cobbled streets of Alaçatı; the hubbub dying down as the bustling main street morphed into a charming residential byway. Turning up a low but steepish hill, we soon saw the lights of Alancha on a terrace above us.  Music and bubbling laughter... Read more »


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A Mojito sweats gently next to me, my feet float in the delicious cool water, the heady smell of perfumed flowers float on the breeze as I watch Tall Dark and Handsome snorkeling up and down the striped pool of Alavya. If you are searching for boutique hotel perfection you’ve found it at Alavya. It’s... Read more »

49 Çukurcuma

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I’m in no doubt that I lived on the best street in Istanbul. And as a vast sprawling city spanning two continents, and with an estimated population of 14 million, I don't make that statement lightly. On the European side, and not far from the ferry terminals, Çukurcuma is fashionable and bohemian. The area is... Read more »

Beyevi Hotel

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Last summer seems a long time ago as rain has fallen in England persistently now for several days. I am already fantasizing about halcyon days to come and possible future trips and my mind floats back again and again to the bliss of Alaçatı. I have been to some lovely places but this Aegean town... Read more »


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You only have to step off the plane in Bodrum to realise, Wizard of Oz style, that you aren’t in Istanbul any more. Bodrum Milas airstrip is surrounded on all sides by hills and plains, an arid-looking yet fertile landscape of dust, rocks and trees. We were greeted politely but warmly by our driver, who ushered us... Read more »

Maçakızı, Turkey

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Looking out over the delightful, turquoise waters of the Aegean sea and lounging on the wooden deck of the beach club, I settled into the large, white, Ottoman-style cushions to play cards with Tall, Dark and Handsome. Located in the village of Türkbükü, Maçakızı is named after proprietor Sahir Erozan’s mother, whose nickname is Maçakızı,... Read more »

Aya Yorgi

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The Babylon brand is well regarded within Turkey, and rightly so! It opened its first set of doors in 1999 as a live music venue in Istanbul. It is still the top music venue, hosting international names from jazz, pop, reggae, world music, and electronica, as well as local bands on the weekdays. The Istanbul... Read more »