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A self isolation guide for mums Part 2: Hands & Feet

by Yemi Edwards

I have to admit, I have been waiting to publish this hands and feet article so I could get the full rewards from the products that will be mentioned below. Why? Well, once news that schools would open and finding out my daughter was willing to go back, I knew that I was going to have the opportunity to give myself some self love. This time would be precious to have by myself and truly experience the pampering results.

The salons are not due to open for a while so the next few products were an ideal treat for my hands and feet. The amount of dishes my family have gone through and the hours spent on my feet have totally dried my extremities beyond recognition. Having the opportunity to use these luxurious products at home was a godsend! The timing could not have been more perfect.


B-line carry a range of plant based beauty products that are luxurious and specially made for hands and feet. B-line Cuticle Cream helps both the hands and the feet. It moisturises and exfoliates and encourage healthy nail growth. The cream for your cuticles is made up with Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut oil to name a few! This cream can be use night and day and comes in a 50ml tube for £12.50.

Their Deluxe Footcare Kit is made up of sprays and cream that leave your feet feeling heavenly. In the description the promise a noticeable different in just one treatment! Well, I can vouch for that! I wanted to have a quick test of what was going to come, the day before my daughter was due to be out of the house for 6 hours. I was not disappointed. Even one quick squirt and I noticed how silky my foot became. This small amount lasted through the night! Wow!

In the Kit you will find “Erase”, it is a hard skin treatment spray. It was made for salons but the company added urea and lavender extract for use at home. It comes in a 50ml spray bottle. Now B-line recommend a foot soak first and to use their “Feet Treat” after. I can say that before reading those tips I had already fallen back in love with my heels. This come in the £35 kit or sold separately at £15.95. A little does go a long way.

The Heel Appeal in the kit is made up of Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and urea. Urea is a keratolytic that is used to treat dry and rough skin conditions. It helps keep feet healthy and hydrated. In the Heel Appeal urea is the main ingredient, making this a stronger product than other brands. The moisturiser is used morning and night and provides feet with properties including reduced inflammation, deeply moisturising, and acts as a fungicidal. There are more foot loving benefits of using this product that erases the memories of the hard work your feet have been going through over the last 3 months! This also comes in a 50ml bottle and separately retails at £19.50

Next within the bundle is “Feet Treat”, an antiseptic cream that is packed with essential oils that does so much greatness for those tired soles. Used on the heel and ball of the foot, Feet Treat is great for all skin types. It is used after showering and has a gentle exfoliation property. To get more technical, it prevents capillary fragility, accelerates cell regeneration and improves circulation and blow supply to the nervous system. All of this for your feet in a very handy kit and sold separately for £9.50 in a 50ml bottle.

The feeling of the Deodorising Cooling Foot Spray is refreshing and I used it just rest my feet after a long stint of walking to the shop. It is made for sports and busy feet. The key ingredients are tea tree oil and lavender. These combat fungus, relive irritations and deodorises odours, even though it is a sanitiser it does leave you with moisturised feet.  The spray is a 200ml bottle at £14.95. A Pumice Stone is in the deluxe footsore kit to use after you have sprayed your foot with the “Erase” The stone exfoliates the dry skin.

There are more tools to add to your collection from So Eco on SOINVOGUE. If you have a partner these may be useful to gift them for their hard work during the social distancing measures. So Eco Natural Lava Pumice is an eco-friendly stone is made up of brush and stone. Use the brush to help lather you chosen foot product and the stone will exfoliate the dry, dead skin. The company promotes their products to be cruelty free and vegan. This gives you that reassurance you are doing good for both the environment and your body.

Another great addition to caring for your hands and feet is the So Eco Nail and Pedicure Brush. The two birds with one “brush” of the daily routine. The petite brush removes dirt from the nails, and the product is also British made. The Lava stone brush and pumice is great with the handle, it is petite but works wonders on hard skin of the feet.

With Father’s day on the way these would make a great treat for him. Treating you both to a his-and-hers pampering date night!

How about a nice Hugg! Hugg products are made with CBD. Geared towards busy women, these self care beauty products benefit the skin using quality hemp oil. The Hugg Foot Soak is £6.99 and consists of CBD, Dead Sea salts, Himalayan Salts and essential oils. If you don’t have time for the full pedicure treatment, you can merely relax with this for a few mins and your feet will still receive a relaxed treat of self love. The ginger root and eucalyptus gives the foot soak antiseptic and antibacterial properties which leave your feet tantalised and refreshed.

Some very unique ingredients are found in Hugg CBD Nail and Cuticle Oil 20mg of this CBD oil contains Rice Bran oil, Lavender, Rosemary, and Clary Sage. It helps heal the cracked cuticles on both hand and feet. It absorbs so you are not left with oily nail beds.  It can be used just before sleep to work overnight. The soft smell of lavender leaves you feeling calm as well.

A product with the name Tropic made in Britain is a bold move in my opinion. But the brands Superfood Hand Therapy takes you on a sensory journey to a tropical island. The hand cream is made with Papaya Oil, Oat and Olives. It leaves a non sticky satin finish on tired and dry hands. The scent is sensationally citrusy giving you a little boost of aromatic energy. A little goes a long way with this £12 80ml tube of fast-absorbing cream.

With so much choice there is one for hands that needs a mention. Dr Hauschka’s Hydrating Hand Cream is a must have for any time of day. Once rubbed into the hands you can feel the instant hydration of your skin. It is not greasy at all and leaves the skin feeling very soft. I spoke so much about the hands and feet but this tube of pampering nourishes the forgotten elbow!  The forgotten corners of the body are given a dose of self love and feel amazing for hours after application.

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