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Recently I had the pleasure to try out three beautiful scarves from Ahilya, a brand found at Browns or the fabulous shop inside the Dorchester hotel here in London.When researching these Ahilya scarves and finding out about the techniques when making them, I have to say I now understand why they feel and look so precious. Not only are they super soft and beautifully woven but the journey they take is amazing.
You will find the soft cashmere from the nomadic herded Changthangi goat found in the Himalayas. Hand Spun Cotton from small family owned farms in the south of Ethiopia, and the Merino wool from Australia and southern New Zealand, and all harvested in a very animal friendly manner, which to me is very nice to know. I got to touch and try two beautiful white scarves, one was made of very soft Merino wool with Calais Leavers Lace in the shape of panels, this one would cost you £230, the other one was extra fine wool with floral ends to a cost of £200. The mix of the colours is something that brings back a nice vibe for me, I’ve always liked the white with purple and turquoise green or the orange and coral against a white base. But my very favourite from the entire selection is the third one, slightly bigger in size, made out of ultra loose Cashmere with Calais Leavers lace in a soft Purple with Tiered Floral ends.

They’re all very nice, the two white ones are a good size to be used as a classic “ around the neck scarves”, maybe for a more casual outfit, and the purple with its bigger size is very nice to use for covering up your shoulders when wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress for instance or in my favourite way, instead of a cardigan you just wrap one of these scarves around you. I know exactly how I would wear it, now, after trying out my entire closet worth of clothes.

From dresses to skirts with tops of different shapes and colours. I would style this scarf with slightly torn medium blue denim on, matched with a classic white top and then in a nonchalant, super chic way, wrap it around my shoulders, probably adding some nice slightly bigger silver earrings and bangle bracelets, understated chic. Or to give that pop to an all black outfit, perfection. Because of the detailing on the ones I tried out I would keep the rest of my outfit simple and let the scarf do the talking. I feel scarves are underestimated as a day to day accessory, and looking as precious as these Ahilya scarves they can definitely take the place of a necklace.

Ahilya can be found online and in selected stores.


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