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All About Gatsby at London Cabaret Club

by Sara Darling

Slip into your party frock and book a front row seat for some live cabaret and be prepared to be wined and dined by a mysterious millionaire and chums. The holiday season might be over, but head to the London Cabaret Club and you’ll be transported to a party to end all parties.

London’s glamorous art-deco Bloomsbury Ballroom has been transformed into an extravagant roaring twenties party, hosted by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s fictional and effervescent Jay Gatsby, complete with a cast of talented entertainers, lots of sparkles, feathers and a big dollop of glitz.

Enjoy a traditional dinner, served by 1920s clad waiters, whilst seating around a central stage so you can have a front row view, and soak up the entertaining skills of Mr Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan and Nick Carraway who showcase a range of mesmerising performance skills, alongside an all singing and dancing cast. 

Daisy will wow you with an ensemble of stunning flapper dresses, whilst belting out classic tunes with her troupe of wild and carefree flapper girls, and you won’t be able to resist reliving the atmosphere of the lively moves and party atmosphere. If you’ve been inspired by Strictly, but never made it to a live heat, you’ll be able to enjoy the Charleston, swing, and Lindy Hop up close and personal, and you can appreciate how fast those hips really swivel. 

The live jazz band will ensure your toes are tapping, and each course is punctuated by new acts, so you’re constantly bombarded with sensations for the senses. Whether you’re looking up at trapeze artists or cooing over the fearless performer who has mastered the giant hula hoop, there is always something to look at. Meanwhile, Gatsby, as in his namesake book knows a thing or two about hosting, and you can enjoy the tassels and the tap dancing as you soak up the atmosphere of one of the greatest stories from the 20th Century. 

With champagne and cocktails flowing, you can’t help but shake your tail feathers at the extravagance, and you can even stay behind afterwards to continue dancing until dawn. 

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