by Lis-Marie Liden

I rarely find myself in central London, hopping off at Oxford Circus; indeed, it’s a rare occurrence since moving to my humble West Kensington studio. The hustle and bustle had a different charm when I first moved here, but now I prefer it in smaller handbags sized portions. Anyway, what better excuse to visit than to drop in at the Sanderson Hotel to hear about a new antioxidant skincare range by one of the leading authorities in the field; Alphascience.

The venue is like a garden dream, full of floral chairs and waterfalls. This is also where my first coffee is had. I just know this is going to be a blast. I can see tables of Alphascience products, sectioned for maturity of skin as well as issues. Esther Fieldgrass, CEO and founder of EF Medispa, talks us through each product in such a lovely cheerful manner, making me even more intrigued. I am looking forward to the fact that I will be allowed to leave with tailor made products just for me.

Julien Revol, CEO of Alphascience, takes us through the ingredients and what they are all good for. He taught me that more does not always equal better and that I have thin skin which seems to be normal for Scandinavian people, so I received the Tannic Serum and the Surface Cream which will support my skin.The Alphascience Tannic Serum is going to help me reduce my wrinkles and also make my skin firmer. I welcome all help! This specific serum is the most advanced antioxidant combination of vitamin C and repair ingredients to prevent signs of aging. It holds L-ascorbic acid, tannic acid, freulic acid and ginkgo bilboa all in one precious bottle. Something that I personally hope to see improvement with are my brown spots – hormones, time and stress have given me clusters of these, but the Tannic Serum will hopefully help me.

My second product and second step in my new routine is the Surface Cream, it is lightweight and a little goes a long way! You don’t need to use much product at all to cover your face and neck. Also it absorbs quickly which had always been a struggle to the point where I would never put moisturiser on my face before makeup in the morning. And in turn by skipping that step I will feel very dry and this probably worsen the signs of wrinkles. This gorgeous cream has L-glutamine – which is exclusive to Alphascience – genistein, hyaloronic acid – we’ve all heard of that one – and last but definitely not least, the patented tripeptide. The Tripeptide which is a botox like ingredient and, as early as two hours after applying, you will see the smaller expression lines decreasing. This is so exciting!

It’s still early days but I like the way these Alphascience products feel and how easy it is to integrate into my routine, and I’m so excited to see what it will do for me. To find out more about the use of Alphascience products at EF Medispa, visit their website.


  • Lis-Marie Liden

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