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#AprèsWithAView at Radio Rooftop at ME London

ME 2

I think we can all agree that winter is well and truly in swing, and even I am beginning to feel Christmassy! I am no Scrooge, but it’s hard not to feel festive after attending Radio Rooftop Bar’s #ApresWithAView at the ME Hotel.

The ME hotel is uniquely situated in the BBC’s old Radio Headquarters on The Strand in central London with a modern and trendy vibe. The DJ was playing all the popular club classics and really complimented the Après vibe we were here to indulge in. I immediately felt I was back in my favourite ski resort!

We wandered excitedly over to our stunningly prepped Gondola. Skis appropriately left at the entrance and we were soon overlooking London’s glorious skyline. I find rooftop bars can be a heady experience for anyone, even before you’re seated in a mock ski gondola with four work chums, a magnum of Veuve Cliquot and Grey Goose vodka on what could best be described as a bed of ice.

The gondola was decked out with gorgeous furs and rugs, we were kept warm and cosy before the flamboyant and genial Roberto, waiter extraordinaire, tended to our every need as well as providing us with a vast array of wintery treats.

To start: A stacked charcuterie platter, swiftly followed by the most deliciously rich cheese fondue and exquisite arancini balls: cheese and speck dumplings and toasties, this was turning out to be a divine gorge fest!

We were soon beginning to get merry, or was it the altitude?! Probably a combination of cheese, fine wine and cracking company! Conversation was flowing, the weather was frigid, all that was missing was the snow. I suppose this can be forgiven considering all the stops that were pulled out. Food breaks were many and that was before the puddings… yes puddings arrived!

#ApresWithAView -Exterior
#ApresWithAView - Interior

What a treat it was, a chocolate lovers’ dream, as the previous course was for a cheese fiend.

Another Fondue and accompanied by everything you can imagine dipping in. Marshmallow, fruit, biscuits, and the bread left over from the cheese feast. My inner monologue was beginning to wonder how best I should transport myself home. I seem to recall it was something along the lines of being rolled.

Aside from the lack of snow Radio Rooftop, succeeded in providing a wonderfully convincing Alpine experience that makes you feel that you’re living it up after an exhilarating day on the slopes. This place is perfect for people who yearn for Alpine food, a taste of snow and those who just want a cosy winter roof terrace experience.

Radio Rooftop at ME London
336-337 Strand


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