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Argent Timeless

by Lis-Marie Liden

If you have heard of Savile Row you’ll know that this is the destination for tailored suits and bespoke menswear. It has been the top destination for this since 1800. I was invited to the launch of Argent Timeless new collection, here you’ll find all the must have items and apparel for the gentlemen who admire classic meets modern. The gentleman travelling in style and looking for that bespoke personalised items to last the test of time. The gentleman looking to invest in in the best within automotive and product design.

My first thought arriving here was that I wished my older brother Patrik would have been able to join me, you see he is the car aficionado in the family. I like vintage cars, say around 40’s to 50’s models but I honestly couldn’t tell you the make. Entering Argent Timeless’s space you are instantly met by old meets new, and amazing art adorning the walls. It’s a modest space but holds everything you need. Should you want to have a bespoke item they would be made elsewhere so this is like a stunning showroom meets shop. You will be well taken care of from beginning to end from initial sale to restoration and service work.

In the centre of the room there is a table filled with British driving gloves and silk handkerchiefs, something that any driving man should have, I believe anyway, it’s very James Bond in the best of ways. One of the things I couldn’t take my eyes of however was the bespoke travel luggage, think stunning large trunks holding everything you need for a short or a long trip but then imagine having them custom handmade in Italy, to fit your car perfectly, your complete choice of colourway and size. This is epitome of luxury.

Stunning leather holdall duffle bags alongside matching toiletry bags; you can feel the care that has gone into these items just by holding them. Flasks and keyrings, watches, shirts or timeless jackets. Argent Timeless has anything you need. You could tell when listening to the Founder Dean Argent that his vision comes from such a passionate place and that he knows his clients well. Dean’s own passion for cars started early at the age of 14 when he had his first restoration project of a 1969 MG Midget he called Monty. And can you believe he still drives it to this day?

It was a lovely crowd admiring the space and its products, all of us walking around with amazing drinks mixed by Classic Racing Spirit, bottles that have such a unique look and will look amazing on a shelf or bar cart, I can tell you that Gin and prosecco worked perfectly together. For the playful person there was a simulator allowing you to test drive, the technology lets you feel the bumps and crashes, if you do crash at least it’s only make-believe.

Argent Timeless has their headquarters in Braintree, Essex but can also be found around the world stretching from Asia to America and let’s not forget Italy. And no matter where you’ll go you will see and be met by the very same attention to detail and passion for quality. I can highly recommend anyone with a passion for classic cars and it’s surrounding accessories pop into Argent Tmless.

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