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ARTILECT: responsive base layers

by Lady Charlotte Lynham

Base layers are clothes worn closest to your skin to help keep you warm while absorbing sweat. These are especially useful in cold climates or during certain sports, for example running, cycling or skiing. We test out ARTILECT base layers in the Alps, from winter to spring using Nuyarn technology.

Base layers are important when you are skiing. They can make or break your experience from keeping you warm to keeping you cool depending on the weather conditions. I have tried out a lot of base layers; some are itchy, some smell after a days use, some get all sloppy after washing, some don’t cover my kidneys (I don’t know why they make womens base layers so short) and some rub under my boot against my sock. As well as performing well you want to look good, after all these base layers have to take you from the piste to the apres! With so many options out there it’s hard to navigate buying the right base layers that fulfil all the technical requirements, looks good and is made from environmentally friendly material that will last the test of time. Cue ARTILECT base layers.

W Goldhill 125 Zoned 14 Zip Twilight MauveAsh

ARTILECT is a brand driven by people with decades of experience at the highest levels of designing, developing and actually using performance apparel. They utilise field- proven technologies in fabrics and construction and work directly with the world’s most innovative suppliers to continue to push limits and set new standards for others to follow. They are also a brand that sticks to their beliefs of quality, value and long term durability, making ARTILECT garments built to last, because making less things is the ultimate sustainability platform.

Their base layers are designed using an innovative Nuyarn Technology that takes merino wool to the next level! Merino wool natural properties makes it one of the best materials for base layers, its multi-climate abilities, breathability, moisture absorption and odour reduction are well known, but traditional processes of spinning and tightly twisting the fibres inhibits the full power of its natural benefits.

W Goldhill 125 Zoned 14 Zip Twilight BlueAsh

Traditional merino fabrics are prone to forming holes and losing shape, becoming heavy when wet and being significantly slower to dry than synthetic performance fabrics. ARTILECT’s Nuyarn technology is different. Unlike traditional core spun or ring spun methods, the patented twist free process of Nuyarn drafts merino fibres along a high-performance filament which amplifies the fibre’s natural properties.

Nuyarn® merino wool is naturally moisture wicking, odour-resistant and built to last, this is achieved with the pioneering weave of the fabric that is 50% more durable than traditional wool. With the benefit of merino wool next to skin and synthetic on the inside, the performance of Nuyarn fabrics is supposedly unparalleled by any other fabric, natural or synthetic. So did it pass the test?

IMG 9444

We tested some female and male base layers, namely the W-Goldhill 125 Zoned 3/4 Legging and W-Goldhill 125 Zoned 1/4 Zip Top. I chose my base layers in the Twilight Mauve/Ash combo while Adam chose the Storm Blue/Ash mix. The 3/4 leggings are a good call for skiing as they don’t end up in the boot and thus rub, and the zip top is good as it can be zipped up to the top when cold or unzipped when a little warmer. Both sets were also in Superior Bluesign® 125GSM Nuyarn merino which offers extra loft for an unmatched warmth-to-weight ratio. So perfect for both bitter winter skiing with a mid layer over or for spring skiing when it’s a little warmer to spring/summer for use while hiking or biking.

Both the mens and womens leggings and tops come in superfine 18 micron non-mulesed Australian merino Wool for maximum softness and wearability which offers incredible stretch and recovery. They are slim Tech Fit for maximum movement thanks to the engineered seam and eyelet placements for increased mobility and breathability, no-chafe flatlock seams and a gusseted crotch/armpit. Also these base layers, despite being made of wool, are machine washable.

IMG 0076My favourite thing about both the leggings and the top was the waist area; the leggings are roomy and high waisted and the top is long so it covers the waist (therefore kidneys) and most of the bottom, which when skiing is the key as it keeps that part of your body warm. Adam also liked that the base layers covered this area, usually when you’re on the chairlift and your ski pants slip down this part is exposed and gets cold, but not with these ARTILECT base layers.

Also with the zip on the top when you go from slope to lunch you can unzip and have a more relaxed look and not be so warm. The lightweight fabric as well can be rolled up at arms so you can expose more skin come spring without overheating. The ARTILECT W-Goldhill 125 base layers are a good buy to take you from winter to spring through to summer. From the slopes and layering then up to biking and using them as a moisture wicking sports top, these base layers will see you through all seasons. They are certainly a staple to my packing list when I head to the Alps no matter the season and thanks to their unique technology, despite the use, they will last you a long time.

Fore more information on ARTILECT or to shop the base layers see online.


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