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by Lis-Marie Liden

I found myself in one of my favourite neighbourhoods recently, strutting along between stunning houses and beautiful people, finally reaching my destination, The Sloane Club. I was there to attend an event about what to wear during the upcoming event season, what is trendy now and what to avoid when it comes to “the season”. There are important and mandatory dress codes during these events, and The English Manner gave us all a booklet to make sure we all know how to navigate the rules. Showing illustrations of each and every outfit and to what event they are meant to be worn. Because you see if you aren’t wearing proper attire you might and most likely will not be allowed to cross those velvet ropes, a word for the wise “follow the invitation dress code”. I walked into a lovely room with sofas and chairs all placed facing a panel of five experts in their fields, all contributing with amazing tips on how to navigate the event season. Our experts ranged from the Executive Director of The English Manner, a top fashion and travel writer, a Milner trained by the milliner to the Queen mother, the general manager of Oliver Brown and last but definitely not least the creator of Augustine Jewels.

According to our experts this event season calls for colours and ruffles, after this dreadful pandemic we see more joy in what we want to wear but also more mindfulness around how we get our hands on that outfit for the occasion. Renting clothes is becoming the new norm rather than buying all new, second hand as well. Jewellery and accessories are often family heirlooms handed down and sometimes re-invented rather than buying new. When buying new many tend to really invest with the goal of handing it down eventually. Isn’t it lovely? Thanks to the working from home reality and constant zoom calls from the comfort of your chosen rooms, we have seen the statement pieces come out in both clothing and jewellery, at least on the top half of our bodies. We have also learned that we most likely have more things in our wardrobe than we know and sometimes even need. We have realised that chic can still be comfortable and we dress more logically, so maybe we can finally move away from those stilettos on grass!

As the magpie I am I was instantly intrigued to hear more and see the creations of Alexandra Morris Robson, the soul behind Augustine Jewels. She is an expert gemologist who graduated from Cambridge and focuses on bespoke items suiting the individual using natural ethically sourced gemstones. These stunning pieces are inspired by luxury destinations and it really shows in the gorgeous colours of the gems. You have most likely seen her creations on influencers around the social sphere and will definitely see more as Alexandra has been shortlisted for Jewellery Designer of the Year 2022. She told us that this event season “must haves” are colourful and bright, we’ll see Blue Topaz and Aquamarines, Green Emeralds and Yellow Citrines.

If you want to invest in a piece that will look stunning through the ages Tanzanite is the one. This particular gem has gone up in value due to it having become harder to come by. But also let’s not forget the Diamond, timeless, stunning and works with any outfit. Alexandra also thinks that handed down pieces will continue to be popular, and people are moving towards creating new pieces out of jewellery gifted to them, creating something completely personal and unique.

The beauty of Augustine Jewels is that there’s something for everyone, you will have a truly bespoke piece that comes at a slightly higher investment price alongside a piece that is affordable without losing the luxury. Of course I was allowed to see and touch some of her amazing jewellery and I have a favourite, it is a Yellow Gold thin banded ring with a stunning Octagon cut Aquamarine, it’s my birthstone so I’m not surprised, it pulled me in. But also this is a statement ring that will catch the eye in the perfect way. I recommend you pop by the newly opened Augustine Jewels Shop on 75 Ledbury Road in Notting Hill and have a look for yourself, I can guarantee you will find something you love.

It was such a pleasure to be invited to this event and to listen to this panel of experts. So remember, it’s all about dressing well rather than being well dressed, clothes and accessories should compliment you rather than overpower. But also don’t hesitate to wear that ring your grandmother gave you or that gown in the closet you are waiting for the perfect occasion to pull out. The perfect occasion is now as we focus on sustainability and upcycling, being eco is in fashion so flaunt it!

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