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When it comes to jewellery and accessories I like the unusual. Jewellery is an extension of ones personality and I personally like statement pieces that are unique and different. I came across Icelandic brand Aurum and was instantly enthralled by their story and the collections. Aurum was founded in 1999 by Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir, a goldsmith and designer, and Karl Jóhann Jóhannsson, and have operated the Aurum store in Reykjavík’s city centre since that date. In 2009 the store was expanded and they added the Aurum Concept Store, which carries a selection of gifts from all over the world. Aurum’s designer, Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir, studied goldsmithing and jewelry design at the Institute for Precious Metals in Copenhagen, and since 1999 when she founded the design firm Aurum she has made a name for herself with her distinctive and sophisticated style.


Aurum operates through core values that are reflected in their jewellery design and quality. Each and every piece is expertly handcrafted from sterling silver in the company‘s integrated workshop in Reykjavík, Iceland. Heritage meets modern day at Aurum by combining traditional craftsmanship with modern, timeless design. The brand show responsibility throughout by developing a positive and respectable working environment that encourages collaboration and cooperation between employees. Aurum also incorporates sustainability principles throughout the company‘s operations, such as sourcing only recycled and re-refined precious metals and only buying certified and conflict-free precious stones and diamonds. Their very special packaging is modelled on Icelandic stones which Guðbjörg found on an Icelandic beach in West Iceland. They are made out of “Saa Oaoer“ or Mulberry Paper which is the fibre of the Mulberry tree; collecting the fibre does not interfere with the ecosystem as not a single tree has to be cut down. Aurum is committed to reduce the company‘s carbon footprint in all aspects of its production.

When looking at the ranges I was drawn to the Nanook collection. Nanook is delicate, light but strong and is inspired by the Greenlandic polar bears and their paws. The jewellery in the range evokes the movement of the bear as she pads over the thin ice, placing each paw precisely and deliberately. I opted for the Nanook Ice ring which is available in either 925 silver with a black diamond or galvanised 925 silver with a white diamond, I chose the version with the black diamond as I have always been fascinated by these stones. The rings are available in a range of sizes all based on ring finger size, my ring came up a little big but it means I can wear it on either hand and on my ring finger or middle finger. The ring is very delicate but wide so it makes for a design statement; I loved the little stone packaging it came in, so unique! I have worn my ring with both daytime and nighttime looks and it is very versatile so works with either, it looks great just on its own or matched with some statement earrings. Aurum jewellery also makes for a great gift as there is a lot of choice and the items range in price so there is something for all budgets. We all love statement jewellery, but what sets Aurum apart is that their high design pieces are also ethically responsible and sustainable, so what’s not to love?

For more information on Aurum see online.

Nanook ring


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