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Beaufort House Detox Brunch


Once best known for its deep fried fish and chips, milky tea and ubiquitous pints of draught beer, London is now on a health kick. It seems that no matter where you go, you’ll be able to find a green juice, organic coffee or vegan lunch option. In such a competitive environment, restaurants have been battling each other to see who can offer the innovative and delicious dining options, and Beaufort House, Chelsea is no exception. 

Aware that many Londoners have resolved to make 2017 their healthiest year yet, Beaufort House, which houses not only a restaurant but also a member’s club, bar, brasserie, and events space, now offers the Beaufort Body Cleanse, featuring fresh pressed juices and shooters, soups, salads and mains. 

Feeling a bit queasy myself after a crazy New Years Eve, I headed to Beaufort House with three friends – all of them dudes – in search of better health, for one day, at least.


We were warmly greeted by highly accommodating, well trained staff who led us to a comfortable table in a quiet corner. Or shall I say ‘somewhat quiet’ corner – the myriad strollers meant our conversations were punctuated by the occasional high-pitched wailing of infants (why, oh why, do people insist on bringing very young children to public eateries?). 

Our orders were swiftly and expertly taken – we made a few specific requests, and although the waitress didn’t write them down, she remembered each one perfectly. 

For example, I ordered the egg white frittata, but without feta. My partner asked for the broccoli and almond bread with sweet potatoes and poached eggs, with an extra side salad. And the other two lads we were with decided to order the detox soup of the week, but wanted mains from the regular menu.

First up were our juices. I had the Deep Root Shooter: beetroot, chilli, ginger and lemon. It packed a punch and woke me up almost as much as my almond latte. The boys each had a Reset green juice, containing kale, apple, celery, ginger, cucumber and lemon. Each one pronounced it as delicious.

The hot food came  perfectly timed.; however, my frittata was a bit disappointing. More like a fried egg white with a few peppers thrown in, I thought less oil and more egg white could have been used. My partner seemed to have ordered better – he said his broccoli almond bread was the ‘best bread’ he’d ever had – something between toast and a savoury muffin. His eggs were perfectly poached for dipping, too. The detox soup was quickly slurped up with delight, and the boys’ meaty mains from the permanent menu (corn fed chicken with lentils and vegetables and crab linguine) were said to be ‘very good’ and ‘as good as what I had in Italy’, which apparently was very good indeed.

Whilst items like bacon, chorizo and feta cheese aren’t exactly what should be found on a detox brunch menu, it’s worth noting that Beaufort House’s quotidian menu is surprisingly even more packed with healthy goodness than their detox one. You’ll find fresh pressed juices and smoothies, chickpea and veggie tagine and mixed quinoa salad with avocado, for example, making Beaufort House the perfect place to come to eat healthy, no matter what the time of year.

Beaufort House Chelsea
354 King’s Road
Chelsea, London



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