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Beauty Buys: Getting Post Lockdown Ready

by Lis-Marie Liden

I love finding new makeup products, there’s always something new and exciting coming out, and I know I need to try and venture away from my never changing winged eyeliner and red lips look, so there is no better time than now with the end of lockdown.

My first treat for you is from PHB Ethical Beauty, as you might understand from the name this brand has a passion for natural, vegan, cruelty and alcohol free beauty products. No animals being tested on and no toxic synthetic chemicals, all made here in Britain. But what I love is that 20% of their profit goes to charity, and they have also launched their own charity which you can read more about on their website. I received products that will allow me to glam up for my first post lockdown night out!

For my base I started with their Mineral Foundation, I prefer a mineral foundation rather than a liquid any day. It just feel light on my skin while still giving me mattifying and covering properties. The best way to apply any mineral foundation is with a Kabuki Brush, worth noting. We then move on to my eyes and cheeks. The Pressed Mineral 3 Piece Palette gives me two shades of eyeshadow and a rouge. The pigmentation is amazing! And the shades are so easy to work with and blend. I can’t live without framing my eyes so the Natural & Organic Eyeliner Pencil was a great support. I have eyes that tend to water if it’s windy or if I’m tired but this is completely smudge proof so no danger of panda eyes here. Topping of my eyes I used the Mesmerise Mascara, not only is it giving you volume, length and density but it’s also treating your lashes at the same time and boosting growth. This is what all mascaras should do, don’t you think? We’re almost done with this look; I cannot leave the house without lipstick that sadly will then be covered with a mask for now. But I am madly in love with the colour they sent me. Raspberry shades have always been a soft spot for me. This is a creamy lipstick that lasts, it softens, moisturises and enhances. This is my new shade!

Some years back I got my hands on my very first Delilah lipgloss and I have used it to the point where it’s obviously all gone but also I couldn’t even make out the text on it anymore. So when I saw that Delilah had sent me some products I did a Carrie Bradshaw a la Parisian balcony jump and clap.If you know you know.

Eyeshadows are tricky, I either create a masterpiece or it looks like I’ve gone through twelve rounds in the boxing ring. But I can tell you right now that if you’re slightly less talented in the makeup world a Shadow Stick is your best friend. I now own the Stay The Night set of three amazing shades. I cannot even begin to choose. But you don’t have to, blend them all together. And each stick has a sharpener hidden like a gem at the base, so you’ll never be left with a blunt tip.

Eyeliner comes in many shapes and a gel is always a good idea, you can really get that flawless look. I chose to step away from my classic black to a subtle yet powerful Ash shade. This is great for a day when you want to define your eye but more smoothly, almost making them wonder if that is your authentic fox eye shape. I accidentally rubbed my eye and was thinking this creation is all gone but fear not, it didn’t budge. But if you thought this was all you could do with this product you’re up for a surprise. For people like me with very little eyebrow this actually works as a brow gel too, and because it doesn’t smudge it’s perfect to top up or create a full brow. And to support the application they also have the Angled Liner Brush, bristles strong enough to allow precise application. Let’s not forget the lips. I received the Liquid Lipstick in the shade Beau, silky smooth application turning into a matt shade without drying out your lips while staying put.

OK, lashes. We have taken this journey before and I believe I am forever going to be that one person that just needs an extra minute to apply my fake lashes. I think I’m always rushing and I don’t wait that oh so important 40-50 second window to allow the glue to get a bit tacky. So they kind of glide around and find their own position which isn’t where they should be. But with time I always get there, and Tatti Lashes has me covered with a lovely selection of four different looks, Profile Pic, Wifey Material, Rich AF and 2Hot4U.

I started slowly with Profile Pic and they look amazing on. The lashes are soft and have a subtle winged look made from 3D Faux Mink. They’re easily kept in good condition in a stunning pink box with a mirrored lid to help you with application, keeping them safe in there will allow you to reuse these unto 15-20 times. From now on you’ll be thinking, “Her lashes are so lush” when you see my selfie photos.

Right so the face is covered and we’re almost ready to head out, but if like me you have been  in a lockdown situation and there has been no beauty salons to help groom your chosen areas Bondi Laser is here to help with all those areas of concern. There is nothing saying you can’t let it all grow wild, I mean if that’s your tune then by all means play it and be beautifully you, but personally I like to be in charge of my vegetation.

Bondi@Home helps you permanently reduce hair growth on your chosen areas, it’s good on sensitive skin which is important especially, you know, in the lower regions. But this isn’t just for us ladies, no no, your beau can use this too. This set comes with everything you need, travel bag and more importantly safety glasses and a user guide. Don’t be a hero, read it for your own and your mans safety. This is not an item you want to wing it with. It also comes in a handy travel bag so for that future holiday you can bring it just in case you need to keep on top of it. Compact in size so it’s not going to take up a lot of valuable bag space, and if you are wondering, it is completely pain free so no worries there. I am now so ready to glam up and go . . . face to fluff . . . bring on the socialising.

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