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Sultry, feminine curves and a dash of naughty, erotic even. That’s what comes to mind when you see the unique beautiful lingerie from Belle Et BonBon, with delicate hand finished laces, velvet trims, ribbons, luxurious satin and embellishments, it’s perfectly luxurious.

Something that I found great about Belle Et BonBon is their values and how passionately they strive to inspire the same values in others. They started a search for a new face, the most intellectually stimulating woman of today. It was a long search with many beautiful and inspiring women, trying to find the perfect one, someone who is sexy, witty, confident in both mind and style, as well as strong and independent. More than just a pretty face so to speak.

With over one thousand entrants voted down to fifty (this all happening through interviews about the women’s achievements, beauty and life ambitions) they found her. Chosen as the smartest and sexiest underwear model in Britain, winning over doctors and Physicists.

Her name is Camilla Hansson and I happily learned that she is Swedish, just like me. Not only is she very business driven and skillful in her career, a strong, confident intellectual woman, she was also previously crowned Miss Sweden 2012. She is the perfect role model for women out there.

Belle Et BonBon wants women to feel empowered, strong, sexy and proud to be who they are when wearing these amazing pieces, and this is something that Camilla embodies perfectly. “Being smart is sexy” and “Beauty isn’t skin deep” just a few inspiring reminders from Camilla, a brilliant, smart and sexy woman.

Find out more about the product at Belle Et BonBon.



  • Lis-Marie Liden

    Lis-Marie is a licensed Image Consultant with a keen eye on trends and up and coming brands. She will tell you how it is within fashion, styling, trends and “how to’s”, it might not always be sugar coated, but then what’s the fun in that. When Lis-Marie isn’t busy taking photos of whatever catches her eye she does her best to stay in shape by punching it out in the gym.

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