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by Lis-Marie Liden

A scarf is probably one of the best accessories to add to any outfit, it’s easy to wear and easy to transform. The classic idea of course is just to simply tie it around your neck or let it nonchalantly drape your coat or jacket lapel, it it really completes an outfit.

I received a scarf from Bianca Elgar to review and thought I would really give it a workout with my wardrobe.

My first look wast to tie it on a very classic black handbag, a bag that doesn’t say much on its own, and with the scarf it became a completely different bag.

I then decided to see what it would look like worn as a Boho type headscarf and this I really liked! I added some read lipstick and felt very chic, I do think this was my favourite look.If you would look into my wardrobe you would notice that my favourite colour is black, my to go to garment is a LBD so about 99.9% of the time this is what I’ll wear, and adding a scarf like this to one of my dresses is an easy chic way to instantly elevate my look.

The scarf I received was the Beads Ochre Oblong 40x160cm, its beautiful high quality Silk Twill. The print is inspired by African Jewellery and Shields. The background is a warm Ochre colour and added on to this are Grey and Black accents and all prints are digitally printed from original silkscreen art designs.Bianca Elgar as a brand is so much more than scarves, they also have a passion for ready to wear apparel. All items are inspired by the love of creativity and looking at the prints, colours and fabrics you can see just that. It’s like wearing a piece of art.

As mentioned earlier, I wear a lot of black and as it happens the founder Bianca Elgar started out the same way. She also wore a lot of black and during her travels she would pack very light and add colourful and beautiful scarves to her outfits.

I just think these are absolutely unique and gorgeous pieces that accentuate any wardrobe and if you visit biancaelgar.com you even have style videos to help you create the perfect look.

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