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Boomcycle London

by Lady Charlotte Lynham

So fellow Bespoke babe Cara has raved about Spin to me for months, how much fun it is, how energized she feels afterwards and how much it had changed her body – I was still dubious. I am a road cycler; I like to feel like I am going somewhere where my aching legs are worth the destination, so how can cycling stationary be any fun at all?

Having had this debate with a friend recently she told me about Boomcycle – she was a regular and loved it. Now I had to consider maybe there was something to this spinning malarkey? I booked my class at their Holborn branch, which is one of two locations, the other being in Shoreditch, and put this recommendation to the test.

I arrived on a Friday lunchtime, the classes are less busy midday so if you are new to Spin or Boomcycle this is a good time to give it a go, and was very warmly greeted by Founder of Boomcycle Hilary Gilbert.She showed me the locker area and changing rooms as well as the facilities including unisex toilets and shower rooms, plus the very cool “Beauty Bar” with everything a modern girl needs! After storing my belongings in the locker (which is free) I made my way to the Spin studio, where Rose, our instructor for the session, was waiting for us so she could begin. The bikes are numbered and you are given your bike upon arrival, my bike, number 34, was directly in front of Rose, which I was glad of as it was my first time, I could see her movements and mirror her if I could not hear her instructions. Now having not experienced Spin elsewhere it is difficult to compare, but I loved the fact the studio was dimly light, except a few hazy uplighters and a candle the room was completely devoid of light. This had so many benefits; other cyclers did not distract you, sweating in front of others did not embarrass you, you weren’t having to look at yourself in an unsightly mirror and most importantly you could “get in the zone”!Rose was a fantastic trainer, I told her about my unfortunate incident with my metatarsal and she gave me advice as to what may or may not imped me and also not to push myself if something hurt. Aided with her advice we kicked off the session, first was warm ups – slower cycling with arm and shoulder stretches to get the legs ready for the onslaught of the rest of the session. This then built with the music, which is another great thing about Boomcycle, awesome playlists that motivate and inspire you to go that extra mile (pardon the pun), as the music speeds up so does the workout but you barely notice, by that point you are enjoying yourself so much you want to push through. Mixed in to the flat cycling is raised cycling, pumping up and down a bit like rising trot on a horse, flexes and raised cycling in a press up type arm stance – all give variety to the workout as well as exercising different parts of the body. The heady mix of club style music, almost pitch blackness and the cool air conditioning on ones face makes this a surreal experience – you almost forget that anyone else is in the room. At one point I was so focused, and with a huge smile on my face, I felt emotional, like I could cry, something I have NEVER felt while exercising!After thirty minutes of intense spinning came the warm down followed by stretches, I thought I would feel like jelly upon leaving, as well as being drenched in sweat! Weirdly though, even though I had sweated, I was not uncomfortable, my body knew it had done a workout but I felt great, my cheeks were rosy red and there was a spring in my step. I made my way to the showers, which are individual rooms with a small changing area, sink and shower with REN products. After a refreshing shower I utilized the “Beauty Bar” which I must say is fab, not having to worry about hairdryer, hair straighteners and deodorant saves a lot of time and weight to carry around if you are visiting in-between meetings or at lunchtime.

Fresh faced and feeling fabulous I said goodbye to Rose and Hilary and thanked them for a wonderful experience vowing I would be back! So I shall, for Boomcycle is the best exercise I have ever done without having to take my clothes off! Intense, stimulating, energizing and downright fun!

Classes can be booked online or by phone – www.boomcycle.co.uk

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