Beneath The Loews Hotel’s stone clad exterior lies a basement bistro packed with gastronomic delights to satisfy the full spectrum of culinary conquistador. Head here for a great, unsophisticated yet classy lunch. Whether you are a refined millennial craving for the nutritional supplement of the Quinoa and Kale salad or a man vs food style devourer of fervent culinary competitor, in which case PBK’s mouthwatering ‘The Green Muenstah’ Burger, taking it’s name from Fenway Park’s famed mound, is a perfect antidote to those plagued with restless belly syndrome. The restaurant is a fine balance of classy style and relaxed intimacy. Chilled, yet fashionable the interior is fashionable without the cliched dangling lightbulb, exposed brickwork, hipster checklist that appears in a lot of restaurants treading that balance between being on trend, and accessible. Favourites for me from PBK include a couple of guilty pleasures, ‘Buffalo Tater Tots’, the name alone sounding like the most wretched of American, cholesterol rocketing, ‘carbverload’, delicacy are, of course, undeniably glorious. A little spice, sweet, citrusy housed in a holy grail of fluffy potato with crunchy, textured outer. If you’re feeling raunchy, get stuck in to these. Lobster rolls of the exquisite quality that is to be expected from the area, a good selection of wines, and a great cheeseboard are highlights from this gorgeous menu. Of course the selection is completed with some New England favourites and an ‘Express Business Lunch’ for those with healthy appetite and unhealthy schedule.

PBK Boston
Tatte Boston

Follow the path from Boston common through to Boyleston street, and walk into ‘Tatte’, upon first impressions, this place feels like the kind of Kensington, Chelsea, old meets new, cafe, complete with all staples of the brunch fiend. Great coffees, FANTASTIC pastries and of course Avocado in all sorts of varietals adorn the plates of the gleeful, fashionable patrons of this Boston gem. Shined, white tiles, chalked blackboards and individual, table unique, lighting, immediately secures the chic, instagramable, beauty at work here. A great spot to people watch from the outside terrace, or if you’re so inclined, simply set up your own photoshoot to obtain that, ‘My life is better than yours’, ‘I always eat here’ picture, to have all your friends gnawing at their own phone screens in a desperate, mindless, longing for the optic white, utopian, monochrome bliss you exist in.

Upon satisfying your social media food demands head to the hallowed halls of Harvard for an afternoon of academic grandeur, marvel at the winding spires and glorious buildings that play host to the worlds boldest and brightest minds. Meander through the campus buildings, perfect on a sunny day to gawk and mire at the impressive buildings as you watch intellectualites scurry from building to building, complete with the brick clad exteriors shining in the late summer sun like copper pipes, Harvard yard, and the Memorial Halls make for a great days stroll. Harvard feels particularly strange for me having portrayed Harvard snob, Warner from acclaimed film turned musical Legally Blonde. Harvard makes for a splendid day of scholastic stupefaction, even if, you’re not in town for some theatrical inspiration.

Centred amongst Boston’s buzz and hubbub is the old world charm of Boston Common, not on the scale of a central park where you can escape the city yet still offering a reprise from city life. Boston common built in 1634 has a range of food and drink options lining its green pastures, on a sunny afternoon head here with a coffee and a pastry from ‘The Thinking Cup’, walk by the Parkman bandstand, The Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and the Boston Common Frog Pond, take stock of the historic beginnings of the nation as we now know it and one of its birthplaces here in Boston.


The Godfrey Hotel sits right in the heart of downtown Boston on Washington Street, a strange junction between the old and new of Boston that weaves well together to create a unique city. Truly a great location with its proximity to all parts of the town, the financial sector, the common, theatre district, and downtown. Upon entering the Godfrey you are greeted with a modern, glass-fronted lobby. Sleek monochrome lines, shine and sparkle to welcome guests, packaged with a coffee shop, full service bar and upscale Japanese restaurant on either side, this combined with lavish furnishings exude warmth despite its fashionable exterior. Standard rooms vary greatly, my room was dark, and felt clinical. Black mirror-esque boxed in rooms, with huge draping curtains, so large that even when trying to push them back to allow in some natural light, they resist leaving you with a gloomy, downtrodden ambience. Modern touches like a Bose speaker and speciality TV help, but truly the lack of light in the room makes for a real damper on what otherwise is a lovely hotel. However, a friends room which came with floor to ceiling windows had a completely different vibe, so do be sure to book a room without fatigue inducing lighting.

Boston so far has been a true favourite of mine in my American travels, a city the treads the line between old and new with such verve and tenacity that its easy to lose yourself for an hour here simply strolling the streets, passing from one century to the next within the space of a few blocks.

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  • Robert Colvin

    Robert Colvin is a performer originally from Hertfordshire and is currently based between New York and London, however, touring the US with work, the reality is a different city most weeks. Robert has perfected the art of the ‘paycation’, taking advantage of his tour schedule to indulge in some serious world travel. Robert’s travels are fuelled with a soft spot for the outdoors; surfing, hiking, cycling, kayaking and beach days prevail.

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