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Browhaus and Ministy of Waxing


The one product most women will not leave the house without is mascara. Eye-opening and defining, mascara brings out our inner Bambi. It is also the first thing that goes from pretty to panda at the mere whiff of water. Making it less than ideal on holiday/if you like to get your sweat on/if you ever cry/get caught in the rain etc. etc. You get the gist.

So what’s the alternative for luscious lashes with no smudge and run? A monthly trip to Browhaus is my secret weapon. With a lash tint around every 4 weeks, and a lift every 8, being enough to maintain some serious #NoMakeUpSelfie game.

Yes, I know – you can get tints at most beauty salons, so why such loyalty to Browhaus? Because my name is Emma and I am a sucker for some sassy branding. And have your seen the quirky interiors and playful marketing campaigns for Browhaus, along with its sister company – Ministry of Waxing? These joint concept salons really are the Willy Wonka of the beauty industry. My local for example, The Grand Budapest Hotel inspired Holborn branch, never fails to brighten my day while attending to my beauty admin essentials.

So what’s on the menu?

The Browhaus Lashgraphy treatment is essentially a lash tint. Ideal for adding definition to those who are fair, and the gateway treatment on the path to makeup free eyes. It’s quick and affordable (£15) darkening lashes for about 4 weeks.

The Lash Curl Up is the brand’s version of LVL (lift, volume, length – in case you were wondering). A treatment which creates a natural effect that can look as dramatic as having lash extensions. Like a perm for eyelashes, the process of curling the lashes upwards opens up the eyes to the point where even the inner rim can be seen for the first few days. This is (almost) as good as botox for giving your eyes a cheeky little lift. And as with botox, it’s advisable to have the treatment carried out by a professional. I learnt this this hard way once with eyelashes that ended up curling in all different directions. No such trouble at Browhaus though. Where, competitively priced at £48 – the effects are said to last up to two months. Although, once new lashes grow through after about a month, the effect is less noticeable.  


The Ministry of Waxing is devoted to the Holy Trinity of: Hygiene, Speed and Quality. Using natural beeswax sourced from the founder’s very own bee farm, with no products tested on animals. And even though I have been having my legs lasered for many years, I can not resist a pre-holiday Full Leg Wax – for the sensation of smoothness. With the post-treatment care instructions to exfoliate and moisturise to avoid ingrown hairs, ensuring my legs stay smooth for weeks, if not months.

At £55 this wax is a tad more pricey than a some salons, but then you just would not get the quirk (or quality). If Roald Dahl did beauty salons . . .


  • Emma Whitehair

    As a wellbeing warrior and (haute) hippie at heart, Emma’s equally happy on a journey of self discovery, as she is at a luxury spa. Finding any excuse to get a good dose of Vitamin D and Sea, yoga/mediation and a good deep tissue massage is also her healing. And when not reporting from the wellness front-line, Emma runs London based lifestyle communications agency WHITEHAIR.CO.

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